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Overview: New Cameras have increasingly high resolution. Today it is impractical to transmit video from a large number of high resolution video streams to the Cloud with the internet bandwidth that is available today even in most advanced countries. You then have a choice. You can transmit and record your video in the resolution of the camera – which requires an enormous amount of bandwidth and storage (and of course one needs fibre or other ultra high bandwidth network) Or You can transmit and record at a lower resolution which means that you have lost the detail that their cameras can pr  

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The new patented Smart Compression from iOmniscient solves this dilemma for you. It records every face, license number and significant event that is seen in the camera in high resolution while the rest of the video is recorded at low resolution. In every single frame of the video you never miss anything that is important. Equally you dont waste bandwidth and storage on anything that is unimportant. To enable Cloud Computing with high resolution cameras one needs enormous bandwidth to stream the video. With iOmniscient’s Smart Compression you can stream very low resolution video even while so  

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The Issues: Consider a user who installs a 2 mega-pixel camera. He can record the video at 2 mexa-pixels or he could reduce the image size and record at 1xCIF (equivalent to 0.1 megapixel). If he records at 2 megapixels (mp), it takes an enormous amount of storage and requires significant bandwidth for transmission. However, much of this resource is wasted as the network will be transmitting and the recording system will be recording a lot of useless information continuously because he does not wish to miss the small amount of important information that may be there. If he records at 1xCIF  

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iQ-Retail is a comprehensive suite of Video Analytics applications designed to meet the specific needs for retail. The system is modular and each application can be purchased separately. And yet all the applications can interact to provide a fully integrated video based utility service for the many requirements of the retail industry.  

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iQ-Security: • Abandoned objects in a crowd • Detect theft in a crowd • Trespassing – wrong way or unauthorized entry • Graffiti and vandalism detection • Suspicious behavior - loitering, sudden crowd gathering, man-down • Use of iQ-Hawk and many-to-many Face Recognition system to automate the law enforcement process for finding suspects or criminals • Detect and track suspects or criminals accompanied with many-to-many Face Recognition system • System health check for camera malfunction or sabotage  

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iQ-Retail Operations: • People Counting and crowd management to understand building capacity • People Counting to understand traffic flow in certain areas or at particular times of the day/week/month/ year to better plan resources and marketing strategies. • Determine rents for shops based on traffic flow • Queue management and calculation of average waiting time – for managing customer satisfaction and service in areas with long queues of people • Detect and automate the process for understanding the number of taxis at the stand (to call for more taxis if the queue has increase) • License Pla  

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iQ-Retail Safety - Detect running/skateboarding/slip and fall • Detect water spills to reduce public liability • Overcrowding and congestion detection – adhere to safety regulations • Smoke and fire detection. Conventional smoke detection cannot be effective in areas with high ceilings  

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The retail industry operates in a crowded environment with many separate events occurring simultaneously. The top priority for the retail industry is to increase sales. To achieve this, retailers need to have a good understanding of the flow of people through the shopping center to enhance customer service and use as a tool for marketing. Shopping Centers are constantly busy with people, therefore they are susceptible to terrorist attacks. For this reason, it is important to be able to find any abandoned objects which could potentially be dangerous, such as a bomb.  

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Why iOmniscient’s iQ-Retail? iQ-Retail is a comprehensive portfolio of applications that can fulfill each departments specific requirement, while operating as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all concerned when any event occurs. iQ-Retail has an accurate counting system which can provide statistical data in a report format. The data can be used to determine the busiest time (day/week/month/year) and areas for better resource planning and to determine rents for shops. iQ-Retail has an object detection system which is able to detect abandoned objects eve  

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