Specialized iOmniscient Video Analytics Capabilities for a Smart City - As an example, in cities one often has to manage queues. iOmniscient offers a queue management product that uses a combination of the capabilities of the counting products, the crowd management product and the Face Recognition product to provide a capability which provides the user with information such as the average waiting time in the queue, the proportion of people who leave the queue before they get to the end of it and so on.  

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Driver Match The Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition system can be used together. In public car parks vehicles may sometimes be driven out by someone other than the driver who brought the vehicle in. Very often this is a symptom of a vehicle theft. Experience shows that it is often insufficient to use humans at checkpoints to detect such thefts of vehicles. The Driver Match system recognizes the number plate of the vehicle being driven as well as the face of the driver and checks that the driver is the one who is authorized to drive that vehicle.  

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Multi-lingual License Plate Recognition iOmniscient’s License Plate Recognition system can recognize plates from over 100 countries. It does not require any external trigger (e.g. motion induction loops) to recognize that a vehicle is in view and needs to be recognized. It is all done with video. Operating at high accuracy even at high speeds, such an integrated License Plate Recognition system is critical in any Smart City implementation.  

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Recognition Technologies by iOmniscient: All the technologies described so far are detection technologies. They analyze a wide scene and detect behaviors of humans or vehicles in the scene. There is a parallel Video Analytic technology for the recognition of humans and vehicles.  

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iOmniscient has developed a unique Jump to Event capability associated with an iQ-140 level system that goes way beyond this. It enables the user to jump back to a pre-defined time before the event started. Hence in our example of the abandoned bag, at the press of a button the user can jump back in time not just before the bag was detected but before it was first brought into the scene and abandoned. The user can immediately review both the event and the preceding period of video footage and gain important information on who brought the bag in and the person’s current location if he is still  

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Immediate Response with “Jump to Event” The old method of using Pre and Post Alarm video to determine what happened during an incident has become obsolete because in today’s world the incidents themselves are becoming much more complex. The required information can now be available in real-time from iOmniscient. The “Jump to Event” capability takes information retrieval to a new level of sophistication. In simpler system, a few seconds of video may be retrieved showing the moments just before and just after the event. This works when the event is something that happens at a fixed point in time  

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Simple object detection with iQ-100 which is available from many suppliers (Left). Sophisticated object detection in a crowd which is only available from iOmniscient iQ-140, (Right).  

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A smarter system would be able to count people and vehicles accurately. In fact the same system should be able to classify objects (e.g. trucks, cars and bikes) and count each category individually. An even more sophisticated system is capable of more complex behavior analysis such as the ability to detect slips and falls. This would be considered to be quite a smart system. People can fall down for many reasons. They could have been assaulted; they may have had an accident; they may just slip and fall. The system will detect such an event and enable resources to be deployed to help the person  

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As with humans, not all systems are equally smart. To understand how smart your system is, we have put together an iQ Rating Chart. iOmniscient’s behaviour analytics products are categorised as per their level of intelligence – their iQ Rating. Just for reference, the average iQ of the human population is 100. Half the population has an iQ of more than 100 while the other half has less. A surveillance system with a rating below 90 would be classified as a system with very basic or limited intelligence. Between 90 and 110 the system has average intelligence. At an iQ of 120 the system can be co  

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ONLY BY iOmniscient - The increasing accuracy of facial recognition systems and the number of applications for this technology have raised the issue of privacy of people whose face images are being captured and analyzed.  

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6 Strategies to Tailor a Resume for a Specific Job Opening - AI-Powered Analytics In A Crowd

6 Strategies to Tailor a Resume for a Specific Job Opening

Creating a resume involves several decisions to make it competitive. Among those decisions is how to customize it for the job you are applying. Why is this important? According to experts, over 75% of job recruiters use software to skim through every resume as part of the elimination process. For example, the Application Tracking System (ATS) software is utilized to remove resumes that are not in line with the job description. This is why customization is essential if you are to make it through all the recruitment process stages. How do you achieve this customization? This article will offer you tips on how to do it. However, if not sure of your ability to develop one, we still recommend using expert services.

Know What the Recruiter Is Seeking

The Secret to composing a customized resume is understanding the company is searching for at the work market. This info can be obtained from the project description delivered outside through adverts for that article. All you have is always to cover the advertising and emphasize the phrases you think convey the concept of the recruiter’s priorities and requirements. The following standards will be able to help you pinpoint such phrases:

  • Exactly what responsibilities do recruiters provide priority?
  • What would be the particular necessities required?
  • Which subject matter is recurring? As an instance, organization, multitasking, or experienced.

Describe the Key Phrases Necessary to Tailor Your Resume

Even the next step would be pinpointing the exact keywords as they can be found at the job description. They demand the different descriptions that job hunters can use to ascertain their occupation . Because Programmers use these for potential candidates, so you ought to utilize these words to prove you’re the perfect match for that place. The keywords might be realized by looking for marketplace – related words, searching for key skills, and viewing the application from the recruiter’s point of view.

Additional, to create a restart competitive, confirm where the keywords ought to be properly used. A careful reading of this project description will probably give you an idea of which sections keywords are applicable on your resume.

Classify Your Essential Capabilities

For Surety where the key words are most applicable on your resume, proceed to categorize your applicable knowledge. Customization is all about making certain that all skills and experiences required from the recruiter are found in the resume. To generate a resume which meets your recruiter’s demands , categorize your skills while in the next categories.

Job-related abilities

First, they will be definitely the most essential and mandatory capabilities. They really are the abilities you must need to be considered qualified. They may show up in the career goals segment or your occupation expertise category. As an instance, branding skills in a marketing placement.


They Involve those abilities which can be used interchangeably among different jobs and industries. By way of instance, fluency in different languages or even basic pc skills.


They would be the intangible skills you need to live and effectively socialize with other individuals in an society. As an example, conversation abilities.

Decide Around the Kind of Tailoring You Are Going to Consider

Later categorizing your abilities, you’ve got to settle on your personalization strategy. It is possible to possibly customise it by means of position or experience applied. Experience-based personalization involves tweaking the experience section to emphasize your essential competencies. Making restart to accomplish this goal would demand the use of a reverse chronological format along with lots of figures. Your focus ought to be using amounts to emphasize the two your abilities and expertise effortlessly. By way of instance, within my own three years working since the regional manager, I was able to raise product earnings that promote segment by 25%.

On The flip side, position-based personalization has been pushed by job abilities on requirement. This will ask that you integrate the key words while highlighting your job-related knowledge. Additionally, it will require you to do enough research about the specific business capabilities for that position. By way of instance, for a managerial stance, emphasize your planning skills with numbers.

Publish the Relevant Crucial Skills

After knowing the key phrases and skills, another step is establishing a resume that highlights them. Evaluate your categorized skills and fit them with the identified keywords. From that point, decide on which department to alter using these capabilities. The key sections to look at shifting include: career purpose, expertise, and project description. From the summary portion, upgrade it to reflect appropriate accomplishments and skills. For the adventure area, use amounts to demonstrate your competence for this position based on previous rankings stored. In the end, in the occupation descriptions department, use bullet points to highlight the way that your capabilities aided you fulfill job-related responsibilities.

Proof Read and Edit Your Upgraded Resume

After completing your resume writing, it’s important to review it and determine if you’ve done a good position. Modifying your restart might have made you introduce mistakes that need eliminating. For greater proof reading and editing of one’s work, you might solicit honest responses from on the web resume review websites or from different professionals In that area. Also, remember to test for grammatical and punctuation Errors in your work.

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