iOmniscient uses Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit to further accelerate AI model training and deep learning inference. This is a free, downloadable toolkit that helps developers and data scientists fast-track the development of high-performance computer vision and deep learning into vision applications. It enables deep learning on hardware accelerators and streamlined heterogeneous execution across multiple types of Intel® platforms. It includes the Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit (Intel® DLDT) with a model optimizer and inference engine, along with optimized computer vision libr  

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Bringing together a number of different video, sound, and smell analytics technologies, iOmniscient systems can automatically find the nearest responder, providing him with information on where to go and what to do. This can help reduce response times significantly for mission-critical applications.  

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iOmniscient’s patented Artificial Intelligence Platform* consists of a set of modular, technology building blocks that can be combined in unlimited ways to provide unique multi-sensory solutions for operational automation and insight. The technology uses a unique hybrid of heuristic, neural network, and deep learning algorithms to achieve fast and accurate results with minimal computing infrastructure. With iOmniscient software running on high-performance Intel architecture, organizations can improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and increase ROI.  

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iOmniscient’s video analytics go beyond simple motion based video analysis. Capabilities include behavioral analysis, counting in crowds, abandoned object detection and facial recognition in crowded scenes, and multilingual license plate recognition (LPR)—all done simultaneously on the same camera. In addition to analytics, the solution involves sophisticated automated response, allowing organizations to process large quantities of unstructured surveillance information; manage and respond to a wide range of events in a complex environment or venue very efficiently; and forecast future requirem  

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Deployed by 30 industries worldwide, ranging from oil and gas to smart cities, iOmniscient’s systems utilize AI to achieve high levels of accuracy and low false alarm rates even in complex situations. And because the solution works with existing cameras, NVRs, and sensors—and achieves more functionality per device—even multilayered implementations such as smart cities can become more efficient at a low cost while helping to improve citizen safety.  

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iOmniscient begins not with technology, but with a dedication to solve the unique challenges and opportunities of its customers. The flexible iOmniscient software module building blocks are then configured to serve the needs of an organization or of multiple groups within an organization, allowing various stakeholders to access the output relevant for them. Once a customer’s goals are identified, iOmniscient offers targeted, innovative AI technologies to analyze data from crowded and complex environments and provide users with near-real-time responses.  

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling more accurate and timely surveillance with capabilities from facial recognition to object detection. However, taking advantage of these new capabilities can be challenging, especially for complex and often crowded multi-venue environments, such as smart cities, airports, and oil and gas and manufacturing facilities. iOmniscient delivers an innovative AI-based analytics platform powered by Intel® architecture that utilizes a set of patented algorithms to provide multifaceted, multi-sensory analytics for a broad spectrum of industries worldwide.  

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iQ-Police is a comprehensive suite of Video Analytics applications designed to meet the specific needs of the police industry. The system is modular and each application can be purchased separately. And yet all the applications can interact to provide a fully integrated video based utility service for the many stakeholders in the police industry. Operations Safety Security • Detect and track suspects or criminals accompanied with Face Recognition system • Detect and track suspicious vehicles accompanied with detection of vehicle stopped and License Plate Recognition system • Detect suspicious  

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Why iOmniscient’s iQ-Police? iQ-Police is a comprehensive portfolio of applications that can fulfill the specific requirements of each department, such as security, operations and safety, while operating as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all concerned when any event occurs. iQ-Police has an application which can track suspects and criminals even in crowded and complex scenes. The operator can also track the individual over non-overlapping cameras. iQ-Police can be used to enhance surveillance, such as when monitoring a suspicious house. iQ-Police can  

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Every country has police and law enforcement organizations that have very different requirements to traditional security groups. They will often need to track suspects and criminals without the individual being aware that they are being tracked. They may need to monitor a house, which is suspected of being a base for criminal activity, over a period of time to see who comes and goes. To have officers provide surveillance can become extremely expensive. Police officers need to be constantly vigilant of any suspicious activity in order to prevent crimes from occurring.  

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Four Ways AI Can Make Cities Safer - AI-Powered Analytics In A Crowd

Four Ways AI Can Make Cities Safer

Only a city that has the ability to deal with complex behaviours in crowds, while ensuring privacy and optimising safety, security, & operational efficiency can have the tag of being a smart city. In-order to carry out any major initiative, a city must first ensure the safety and security of its citizens.

Today, in the age of digital transformation, artificial intelligence walks hand in hand with safety and security. Artificial intelligence has numerous applications in the development of a smart city, and AI for safety & security is one of the key tools used to proactively act against criminals and known terrorist. There are innumerable areas where AI can be implemented to develop safer and happier cities. So, let’s have a look at how AI is being actively integrated with safety policies and crime prevention.


Safety as a priority

Citizen safety is one of the primary KPIs that gives a city the tag of being a smart city. A person can live their best life when they know they safe and secure. In an era of digital transformation, AI is the primary tool creating a safety shield for cities. Today, advanced video analytics, on the backbone of Artificial Intelligence has the capabilities to detect fights, slip & falls, unidentified abandoned objects, recognise known suspects and terrorist, along innumerable more applications in crowded and complex scenes. AI is the 21st century safety net that drives cities into improving their exiting infrastructure and services by harnessing the powers of intelligent technology and data analytics.

An integrated network of intelligent systems that captures public safety information and responds to real-time events effectively can make a city a safe one. These systems that use AI can predict and prevent any kind of suspicious or malicious activities happening or going to happen in the city limits. Thus, making automated response systems an integral factor in smart cities.

WATCH: How Automated Response Systems Work in Complex Scenes


1. Crime Detection

Sophisticated multi-sensory AI based analytics can help understand behaviour and situations to detect criminal activities. For instance, using convergent AI technology iOmniscient systems can detect gun violence. It then sends alerts to the smart phone of the nearest appropriate first responder regarding the gunshot fired with a video of what’s happened & allows the officer to jump-to-event.

In a normal situation, it would be difficult for the police to find out the exact location of gunshot immediately and evaluate the gravity of the situation.This is where iOmniscient’s advanced video analytic surveillance technology helps comes into play. The system sends a video on the police’s smart phone along with the GPS location of the event, and simultaneously enrols the faces of the persons present in the scene into its system. This enables the officers to be proactive, & also facilitates forensic investigations. According to a shotspotter report, 80% of gun violence is never reported or accurately identified. This solution helps resolve this critical problem.

2. Crime Prevention

One of the earliest form of AI for safety was introduced in 1995 by the NYPD, called CompStat. This was the first ever predictive policing tool that had been used. Since 2001, iOmniscient, a global AI based advanced video analytics software provider has been developing tools that help prevent crimes. These proactive tools are being deployed by government agencies around the world to arrest known suspects and terrorist before they can commit the crime. The system is built on the foundation of hybrid AI, by combining Heuristic + Neural Network/ Deep Learning + Active/ Guided Learning algorithms resulting in fast & accurate results with minimal computing infrastructure.

Advanced Techonology - Immediate Response with “Jump to Event” * IQ-Smart City

Let’s imagine a real life situation. There a group of terror suspects known to governments around the world. Despite having the best cameras in the world, these terrorists walk freely into an airport, one leaves a bag, and two others blow themselves up, resulting in loss of life, property, and trust on government law enforcers. This situation is exactly what happened in a recent terror attack in Europe. However, if the department had a comprehensive AI system in place which works in crowded scenes, there is a significant possibility of the attack being prevented. iOmniscient’s AI systems can detect & recognise people of interest in crowded, uncontrolled environments. It would then send a message to the nearest first responder who would then be able to take appropriate action. The system can also detected abandoned and obscured objects in crowds and in situations where its almost impossible to see the object with the naked eye. AI based real time automated response is key to plenty of today’s problems.

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3. Finding Lost Children

Helping to find lost and stolen children is now a major societal challenge. iOmniscient’s face recognition in a crowd system is an important tool in the arsenal of Police Agencies confronted with this problem.

WATCH: How Automated Response Systems Can Help Find Lost Children


4. Privacy Protection

A primary concern with smart business analytics and video surveillance is the privacy of citizens. With the Facebook data scandal making the rounds, the fears of citizens’ right to privacy is ever growing. iOmniscient understands this and therefore, it’s video analytics system is designed in a manner than protects privacy of individuals by redacting faces, and only allowing access to them with a special key that can be used by authorized personals in emergency situations.

WATCH: How iOmniscient’s Intelligent Analytics Protects Privacy

Every smart city requires to augment the use of AI in safety and security of its people and places. But it should happen coupled with stringent safety regulations against future precariousness of artificial intelligence.

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