IQ-RLVD (Red Light Violation Detection) - Features: The system can: ? Use a single camera if appropriately positioned to see both the light, the offending vehicle and the number plate ? The system is automatic. There is no manual involvement for reading the number plate. ? The system will detect a violation and read the plate even at high speed (up to 250 kph) ? The system can read plates from 120 countries in multiple language scripts.(eg arabic, chinese, thai, etc) ? The system can store video of the event for evidentiary purposes. ? The same camera can be used simultaneously for a range  

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iOmniscient's IQ-RLVD is an automated intelligent Red Light Violation Detection system. The system can first recognize whether the traffic light has turned red. It can do this in one of two ways. (a) the camera can see the light and tell its colour (b) the system can take and analog signal from the traffic light and tell the colour of the light. Next the system can detect if a vehicle crosses into the junction when the light is red. Finally the system can automatically read the number plate of the offending vehicle.  

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IQ-RLVD (Red Light Violation Detection) A large proportion of traffic accidents occur at traffic lights. One driver at speed will attempt to go through a red light and there is a probability that a driver on a cross road could crash into him inadvertently. Red light violation cameras have been shown to slow down traffic and cause drivers to be much more cautious as they drive across road junctions. Such cameras can also establish who was at fault in the accident. iOmniscient's IQ-RLVD is an automated intelligent Red Light Violation Detection system.  

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iQ-110 Applications • Collect data for statistical analysis and marketing • Determine the usage rate and traffic flow on roads and highways • Count the number of trucks that use a road while ignoring cars • Alert when building occupancy limit is reached and adhere to safety regulations • Determine whether all people have exited a building before closing • Determine the capacity of carparks/buildings with multiple entries/exits • Determine the busiest areas of a mall to assist with valuing shop space • Understand people flow and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns • Interface with  

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IQ-110 is comprised of several sophisticated counting algorithms (e.g. head counting, shape counting, group counting, general counting, etc.) and is extremely accurate with a recent independent audit providing an accuracy of over 99%. IQ-110 is not constrained by the camera angle and yet is able to provide reasonable accuracy. Values from any number of cameras or servers can be consolidated, providing the ability to automatically add and subtract count totals (requires Data Aggregation Server). This has proven very useful in determining occupancy levels where there are multiple entry and exit  

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IQ-110, as part of IQ-InfinityTM, will count and give a cumulative total of the number of objects that have passed through one or more areas of interest that are drawn on the screen. The software will count traffic that passes through a region in specified directions whilst ignoring traffic from other directions. Sophisticated filters, including human templates, and the ability to see perspective can be used to ignore unwanted objects and focus only on humans or cars for instance  

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Normally, if an event occurs, it should be brought to the attention of the operator who can make a decision on whether to archive that particular footage for later review. If there is no operator available, it should be possible to set the system up to automatically archive any event footage. The amount of time that lapses before the system realizes that there is no human around to intervene must be configurable by the user.  

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Images from a video are invariably a 2 dimensional representation of a 3 dimensional space. Humans can understand perspective because they can see everything around them in 3D with two eyes. Systems have to be sufficiently intelligent to understand perspective, e.g., to know that a large object in the distance looks much smaller than in the foreground of the image and vice versa.  

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In a complex environment, a camera may be required to perform different functions at different times or indeed to be set up with different configurations at different times. For instance, from 9am till noon, the system may be used for counting but from then on, except on public holidays, it may be required for intrusion detection. The ability to schedule different functions in a robust but sophisticated manner is critical for the effectiveness of a good system.  

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As the provider of the world's most comprehensive multimedia analytics capability, iOmniscient can help to detect and recognize events with varying levels of intelligence including with its patented technology for crowded and complex scenes.  

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iOmniscient has been a leader in using Artificial Intelligence technologies to create solutions for a host of industries- from Oil and Gas to Smart Cities. We have pioneered AI techniques that have created a new paradigm to analyse data from crowded and complex environments and provide the user with real time responses. Artificial intelligence enables our systems to have high levels of accuracy and low false alarm rates even in difficult situations.
Bringing together a number of different video, sound and smell analytics technologies, iOmniscient systems can automatically find the nearest responder with information on where to go and what to do. This can reduce response times significantly which is important for Mission Critical Applications. Such systems enhance your productivity and increase the return on your investment.

iOmniscient is the only provider of intelligent systems that can simultaneously perform Behaviour Analysis (for a multitude of behaviours) and Recognition (Face and License Plate Recognition) in crowded and complex environments. The Face Recognition system can recognize faces at a significantly lower resolution than any other system. Our intelligent systems can recognise license plates for 130 countries. These capabilities are modular and can be combined to solve complex problems.

All Big Data analysis is based on “text data”. Our systems can convert everything that is seen, heard or smelt by the system into Meaningful, Multimedia Metadata (MMM) – which is essentially text. This enables very fast analysis of data for forensic investigations.
As the system is able to eliminate noise which is usually 90% of the data, it helps to speed up the search and analysis even further.

Security and safety are increasingly important in crowded spaces. The complexities of obscuration and ambiguities in crowded scenes, as well as the complex behaviours and scene semantics, make video analysis a challenging task.

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Intelligent Systems ensure a higher Return on your investment. These are some of the capabilities that differentiate your iOmniscient system from all others

Artificial Intelligence based
Autonomous Systems
Computer Vision Enabling Data Analytics
Finds the nearest first responders and tells them where to go and what to do. Face Recognition in a Crowd at low resolutions at great distances Analyse video, sound and smell and convert them in real time into Meaningful, Multimedia Metadata for Big Data Analytics
Minimizes False Alarms to enable autonomous operations Ensures privacy is protected Analyses Dwell Time across non-overlapping camera views in uncontrolled crowds
Self-diagnosis and System Health Check function Behaviour Analytics despite obscuration in a Crowd Generates informations in Real Time and Forensic mode

Evaluate how smart your system is by understanding it's IQ.

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For the sophisticated customer who wishes to implement very advanced Use Cases, iOmniscient can offer a comprehensive set of services on a Turnkey basis.

The services can range from Systems Design, and camera selection and placement, to configuration and ongoing operation of the system.

Certification training is also available for those who wish to implement the systems themselves and for operators who will be using the system.

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