iOmniscient specializes in use cases that excel in complex, extremely crowded and realistic environments – doing things that no one else can do having 40+ International Patented VA solutions. These can easily be customized for a specific environment by combining the appropriate Analytics from iOmniscient’s comprehensive portfolio of over 100 capabilities.  

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The unique technology foundation has enabled iOmniscient to remain a technology leader in the global market and to survive challenging periods including the global financial crisis. This has been possible because of the unique capabilities and robustness of the technology that remains ahead of it's time.  

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iOmniscient’s brand is recognized worldwide winning numerous international awards on EVERY continent including the “Best CCTV System of the Year” for its Face Recognition in a Crowd and the Global Security Challenge for Crowded Scenes.  

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As a pioneer in Video Analytics with almost 2 decades of commercial experience (since 2001) iOmniscient is the longest standing independent Analytics company in the world.  

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iOmniscient proudly and confidently ask any other Video Analytic player to fill out the last column and also ask them to test out iOmniscient's footage like the moving crowd footage. Non will be able to match up to iOmniscient.  

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iOmniscient can also use behavior to trigger face recognition like if a suspect is loitering too many times at the ATM area then we can enroll this suspect automatically and alert the next bank location to watch out this person.  

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Based on 2-megapixel camera, iOmniscient needs only ONE camera to see 20-meter and able to cover ONE big corridor (4m wide at the narrowest point to 8m wide at the furthest point) whereas NEC if using the same 2-megapixel camera will need 6 cameras to cover the same corridor but can see only 3 meters of distance  

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Our robust 3D and low resolution capabilities can allow us to see very far with wider face angle so we build many different use cases such as tracking suspects across non-overlapping cameras. iOmniscient is not like NEC needs to ask the suspect to stand still to cooperate and take a nice frontal picture then NEC system may work. iOmniscient can track even in uncontrolled crowds using hand held camera, body camera or PTZ cameras see the video  

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NEC’s system is built for co-operative individuals using 2D image. iOmniscient has built our system using 3D using lower resolution so we can see far catching 75 faces using just 1 megapixel camera whereas NEC needs 4K cameras to catch few faces. Our 3D low resolution capability can allow us to recognize faces in uncontrolled crowds non-cooperative individuals can work with wider face angles. We own 8 patents just on these features.  

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Technology Leader in Automated Intelligent Video Solutions

50+ Interlocking
International Patents

iOmniscient has been a leader in using Artificial Intelligence technologies to create solutions for a host of industries- from Oil and Gas to Smart Cities. We have pioneered AI techniques that have created a new paradigm to analyse data from crowded and complex environments and provide the user with real time responses. Artificial intelligence enables our systems to have high levels of accuracy and low false alarm rates even in difficult situations.
Bringing together a number of different video, sound and smell analytics technologies, iOmniscient systems can automatically find the nearest responder with information on where to go and what to do. This can reduce response times significantly which is important for Mission Critical Applications. Such systems enhance your productivity and increase the return on your investment.

iOmniscient is the only provider of intelligent systems that can simultaneously perform Behaviour Analysis (for a multitude of behaviours) and Recognition (Face and License Plate Recognition) in crowded and complex environments. The Face Recognition system can recognize faces at a significantly lower resolution than any other system. Our intelligent systems can recognise license plates for 130 countries. These capabilities are modular and can be combined to solve complex problems.

All Big Data analysis is based on “text data”. Our systems can convert everything that is seen, heard or smelt by the system into Meaningful, Multimedia Metadata (MMM) – which is essentially text. This enables very fast analysis of data for forensic investigations.
As the system is able to eliminate noise which is usually 90% of the data, it helps to speed up the search and analysis even further.

Security and safety are increasingly important in crowded spaces. The complexities of obscuration and ambiguities in crowded scenes, as well as the complex behaviours and scene semantics, make video analysis a challenging task.

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Intelligent Systems ensure a higher Return on your investment. These are some of the capabilities that differentiate your iOmniscient system from all others

Artificial Intelligence based
Autonomous Systems
Computer Vision Enabling Data Analytics
Finds the nearest first responders and tells them where to go and what to do. Face Recognition in a Crowd at low resolutions at great distances Analyse video, sound and smell and convert them in real time into Meaningful, Multimedia Metadata for Big Data Analytics
Minimizes False Alarms to enable autonomous operations Ensures privacy is protected Analyses Dwell Time across non-overlapping camera views in uncontrolled crowds
Self-diagnosis and System Health Check function Behaviour Analytics despite obscuration in a Crowd Generates informations in Real Time and Forensic mode

Evaluate how smart your system is by understanding it's IQ.

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Professional Services

For the sophisticated customer who wishes to implement very advanced Use Cases, iOmniscient can offer a comprehensive set of services on a Turnkey basis.

The services can range from Systems Design, and camera selection and placement, to configuration and ongoing operation of the system.

Certification training is also available for those who wish to implement the systems themselves and for operators who will be using the system.

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Our technology team can provide professional advice on optimal camera selection and placement to meet your operational and risk mitigation requirements.

We provide 24×7 support through our support centres that can cope with issues in English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Tamil, Korean and Indonesian.

Our products are continuously improved and upgraded to include the latest technologies.

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