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Ethical AI – the iOmniscient Credo
iOmniscient at Intersec 2022 Ethical AI – the iOmniscient Credo Organizations have been implementing CCTV systems for many years and all such systems can impinge on the privacy of individuals … Read More
Automated Access Management
iOmni Newsletter – Aug 2021     Automated Access Management for Logistics/ Distribution Centres during a Pandemic All major Retail organizations have to manage access for trucks that bring in … Read More
    iOmni Newsletter – Jul 2021     iOmniNewsJul 2021 Introducing the world’s first Access Control system that does not require a database All traditional Access Control systems require … Read More
iQ-VaxCert – International Vaccination Certificate
iOmni Newsletter – Jun 2021 iQ-VaxCert – International Vaccination Certificate As vaccinations start getting rolled out the next challenge for authorities is how to authenticate if a person has been … Read More
System Intelligence overcomes the limitation of edge Computing
In This Issue   •   System Intelligence overcomes the limitation of edge Computing                                                                               •   Making Face Recognition a Force for Good   •   UK Cloud Service … Read More
Indonesian Air Force Hospital implements Anti-Contagion
The Indonesian Air Force has been a long-term customer of iOmniscient having implemented its systems for managing their security. The relationship has now been extended to keeping ... Read More
Intel Endorses iQ-FeverCheck
Intel Corporation has established many initiatives to fight the current pandemic internationally. One of these has been to partner with iOmniscient in approving iQ-FeverCheck to be a part of its Intel® IMRS (Intel Market Ready Solutions) Program ... Read More
Helps Paramedics
According to the WHO-China Joint Task Force, for 88% of people infected with COVID-19, the first symptom is a fever. In fact the only visible symptom for determining if some persons at a distance in a large group are suffering ... Read More
Contain Covid19
iQ-FeverCheck is part of iOmniscient’s AI-based multi-sensory analytics capabilities for Smart Cities. It can be useful in airports, stadiums, railway stations and other public spaces as well as in Hospitals, nursing homes and health care ... Read More
Preventing Suicide
Corrective Services teams around the world have to ensure that prisoners in their charge are safe and do not self-harm. This was brought to front of mind with the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein in a New York prison where no one realized ... Read More

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