iOmniscient uses Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit to further accelerate AI model training and deep learning inference. This is a free, downloadable toolkit that helps developers and data scientists fast-track the development of high-performance computer vision and deep learning into vision applications. It enables deep learning on hardware accelerators and streamlined heterogeneous execution across multiple types of Intel® platforms. It includes the Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit (Intel® DLDT) with a model optimizer and inference engine, along with optimized computer vision libr  

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Bringing together a number of different video, sound, and smell analytics technologies, iOmniscient systems can automatically find the nearest responder, providing him with information on where to go and what to do. This can help reduce response times significantly for mission-critical applications.  

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iOmniscient’s patented Artificial Intelligence Platform* consists of a set of modular, technology building blocks that can be combined in unlimited ways to provide unique multi-sensory solutions for operational automation and insight. The technology uses a unique hybrid of heuristic, neural network, and deep learning algorithms to achieve fast and accurate results with minimal computing infrastructure. With iOmniscient software running on high-performance Intel architecture, organizations can improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and increase ROI.  

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iOmniscient’s video analytics go beyond simple motion based video analysis. Capabilities include behavioral analysis, counting in crowds, abandoned object detection and facial recognition in crowded scenes, and multilingual license plate recognition (LPR)—all done simultaneously on the same camera. In addition to analytics, the solution involves sophisticated automated response, allowing organizations to process large quantities of unstructured surveillance information; manage and respond to a wide range of events in a complex environment or venue very efficiently; and forecast future requirem  

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Deployed by 30 industries worldwide, ranging from oil and gas to smart cities, iOmniscient’s systems utilize AI to achieve high levels of accuracy and low false alarm rates even in complex situations. And because the solution works with existing cameras, NVRs, and sensors—and achieves more functionality per device—even multilayered implementations such as smart cities can become more efficient at a low cost while helping to improve citizen safety.  

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iOmniscient begins not with technology, but with a dedication to solve the unique challenges and opportunities of its customers. The flexible iOmniscient software module building blocks are then configured to serve the needs of an organization or of multiple groups within an organization, allowing various stakeholders to access the output relevant for them. Once a customer’s goals are identified, iOmniscient offers targeted, innovative AI technologies to analyze data from crowded and complex environments and provide users with near-real-time responses.  

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling more accurate and timely surveillance with capabilities from facial recognition to object detection. However, taking advantage of these new capabilities can be challenging, especially for complex and often crowded multi-venue environments, such as smart cities, airports, and oil and gas and manufacturing facilities. iOmniscient delivers an innovative AI-based analytics platform powered by Intel® architecture that utilizes a set of patented algorithms to provide multifaceted, multi-sensory analytics for a broad spectrum of industries worldwide.  

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iQ-Police is a comprehensive suite of Video Analytics applications designed to meet the specific needs of the police industry. The system is modular and each application can be purchased separately. And yet all the applications can interact to provide a fully integrated video based utility service for the many stakeholders in the police industry. Operations Safety Security • Detect and track suspects or criminals accompanied with Face Recognition system • Detect and track suspicious vehicles accompanied with detection of vehicle stopped and License Plate Recognition system • Detect suspicious  

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Why iOmniscient’s iQ-Police? iQ-Police is a comprehensive portfolio of applications that can fulfill the specific requirements of each department, such as security, operations and safety, while operating as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all concerned when any event occurs. iQ-Police has an application which can track suspects and criminals even in crowded and complex scenes. The operator can also track the individual over non-overlapping cameras. iQ-Police can be used to enhance surveillance, such as when monitoring a suspicious house. iQ-Police can  

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Every country has police and law enforcement organizations that have very different requirements to traditional security groups. They will often need to track suspects and criminals without the individual being aware that they are being tracked. They may need to monitor a house, which is suspected of being a base for criminal activity, over a period of time to see who comes and goes. To have officers provide surveillance can become extremely expensive. Police officers need to be constantly vigilant of any suspicious activity in order to prevent crimes from occurring.  

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Our Solutions - AI-Powered Analytics In A Crowd

Intelligent Platform For Every Situation

iOmniscient’s patented Artificial Intelligence Platform consists of a set of modular, technology building blocks that can be combined in unlimited ways to provide unique multi-sensory solutions for your company’s operations. The technology is a unique hybrid of Heuristic, Neural Network and Deep Learning algorithms to achieve fast and accurate results with minimal computing infrastructure. Our systems will transform your organization’s operational efficiency, enhance individual productivity and provide immediate tangible returns on your investment.

We have deployed our solutions in 50 countries across 30 industries.

Building Blocks


Building Blocks

  • AUTOMATED RESPONSE (Security & Safety)

    The system finds the nearest first responder and provides him with information on the event in real time.

  • BIG DATA ANALYTICS (Business Intelligence)

    Generate Meaningful Multi-Media Metadata (MMM) for Forensic Analysis

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Heuristic + Neural Network/ Deep Learning + Active/ Guided Learning algorithms resulting in fast & accurate results with minimal computing infrastructure.


The modular building blocks of the iOmniscient platform can be combined in multiple ways – several of these combinations (eg behavior analytics followed by recognition) are patented

IQ Hawk:

Combining Behavior Analytics with Recognition


Combining Facial Recognition with ASAP.


Combining Face and License Plate Recognition



All systems are designed to do more with less. Our value proposition is that we can implement an intelligent system at a lower cost than a video recording system. The behavior analytics system is designed to operate with very low resolution (QCIF) and low frame rates (2 to 6 FPS). This also helps to reduce computational requirements. The Face Recognition system is designed to give accurate results with an image resolution that provides only 22 pixels between the eyes. For covering large areas this means one low resolution camera can do the job of 5 to 10 cameras required by others. The Smart Compression can reduce storage and bandwidth requirements by over 90% on top of that achieved by H.264 or H.265.


iOmniscient has invested significant effort into the DESIGN of each system to ensure that it is user friendly, cost effective and maintainable. It can operate in varied environments with accuracy and high reliability. The design objective is to be best-in-class for each capability offered. Through extensive industry collaboration, we have come to understand the key areas impacting on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of video intelligence systems.

Works with any camera, Distributed/ Edge or Centralized or Hybrid

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Enabling Cloud Computing. Smart Compression to allow high resolution video to be sent over low bandwidth network

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Nuisance alarm minimisation system that minimises False Alarms using AI

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Scheduling, Perspective, Self Diagnosis/ Health-check, Remote Management, Complex Logic Enabler, Auto archiving

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