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Continuously Learning Systems & Hybrid System
There is often a debate on which type of Artificial Intelligence - neural network (learning systems) or heuristic ones (rule-based systems) - are best able to cope with complex environments. In ... Read More
International Standards for Video Analytics
Video Analytics is a new field and hence it is difficult for a user to understand the difference between products from different suppliers. For instance, hundreds of suppliers may claim ... Read More
Why Video Analytics Projects Fail
A large proportion of Video Analytics Projects fail usually resulting in finger pointing by everyone involved. In our experience a majority of project failures result from two main issues. 1. The ... Read More
What should the Camera Specifications be to achieve good Video Analytics
We are often asked this question by our partners as they are keen to ensure that the cameras they use are going to be effective. Note that is a ... Read More
Smart Compression
New Cameras have increasingly high resolution. Today it is impractical to transmit video from a large number of high resolution video streams to the Cloud with the internet bandwidth that is available today even in most advanced ... Read More

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