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Join the iOmniscient webinar on Integrated Hospital system for Patients, Families, Nurses, Doctors and Management.

Hear our speaker Dr. Jehan Kanga and c-suite leader from a hospital based at Sydney talk about the benefits of the use of #ArtificialIntelligence to manage Hospital Systems better along with Full Body Sanitization as part of the Hospital Access Management.

As a quick overview, we’ll be discussing the impact of AI in Healthcare, focusing on:

•Autonomous Screening and infection control (fever detection, track & trace)

•Automated triage in emergency departments using dwell time

•High accuracy slip & fall detection

•The importance of privacy and ethics in AI

27 Oct
6:00 pm AEDT GMT +11
3:00 pm (GMT +8) Singapore time
12 pm (GMT +4) Dubai time

28 Oct
6:30 am AEDT
3:30 pm (27 Oct – New York time)
12:30 pm (27 Oct – San Francisco time)


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iOmnscient Past event and webinar

iOmni Retail Webinar – Aug 2021


 Remarkable benefits of digital transformation for the Retail 

With its comprehensive automation solution, iOmni is helping retailers transform their operations for greater efficiency, safety and overall visibility. 

This solution utilizes AI to deliver insights on customer behavior, prevent accidents, detect theft and boost productivity. 

Watch our latest YouTube video about business analytics for Retail at here.

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Date: 5 August, 2021

Time: 2:00 PM SGT | 11:30 AM IST | 4:00 PM AEST





Unique benefits of iQ-Roads System

You want to improve public safety, address congestion and environmental issues whilst reducing costs?

Join the webinar at 4 Aug to hear from Rustom Kanga and his team the solutions in partnership with Intel have been deploying across the globe! 

Watch our latest iQ-Roads video on YouTube at here.

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Arab Health 2021
Date: 21 – 24 Jun
Time: 0900 – 1800 (Dubai time)
Location: Dubai World Trade Center
Booth number: Hall 6 – C53
Event information:

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