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iOmniscient’s patented, proven technology is capable of producing results like no other.
We have designed a system that
minimises false alarms, and that has higher accuracy, needs less infrastructure, and is more cost effective than all other AI.
This is one of the many reasons why we were chosen as Intel’s Alliance Partner of the Year in 2021.

Pioneers in 3rd Generation AI

Minimal data annotation
Minimal Training
Fast deployment
Multisensory analytics (sound | sight | smell)
Centralised, decentralised or hybrid architecture

Do more with less by design, ensuring high ROI

Lower storage requirements
Lower bandwidth needed
Fewer cameras
Minimal requirement for GPUs
Tangibly higher productivity

Locate the nearest appropriate responder and tell them where to go and what to do

Deployed in 75 Smart Cities with proven results
High rate of accuracy
Reduced false alarms (through NAMS)
Ready to go, with 300 interoperable modules

In the same way that people have different IQ levels, so does AI. One of the many elements that sets iOmniscient AI apart is its intelligence. Our systems have the ability to ‘think’ at genius IQ levels, and we are unrivalled in this sphere.

Dr. J Kanga receiving Intel Award 2021

Our 70+ patents enable our technologies to:

1.Work holistically, solving real life problems from end to end
2. Ensure all systems are privacy protected while providing accurate mission critical information
3. Operate in crowded and complex environments
4. Provide autonomous response
5. Provide intelligent solutions at a lower cost than systems without intelligence

Our Hardware Design Philosophy

iOmniscient software is agnostic and can be used with any brand of cameras. However applications work best if the cameras used have certain specific characteristics. General purpose cameras are designed for general surveillance in the mass market and do not necessarily provide the best performance in an automated analytics environment.

The Analytics Ready team in iOmniscient designs and engineers cameras that are guaranteed to work for particular use cases in specific environments.

These cameras and Super Edge devices have been optimized for Multi-Sensory Analytics.

Products Available

Cameras Super Edge Computers* Other Related Equipment Special Purpose Products


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