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Your privacy is important to us.

We operate this website for the benefit of our customers, and to provide information and resources about our solutions and Services.

We do not collect data on individuals who access our site and we do not sell or provide such information to third parties.

Further we comply with all applicable laws and regulations of countries that we operate in with respect to the storage and cross-border transfer of personal data.

If you provide us or send us your email or other personal information with a request to receive information/ marketing material/ newsletters then such information will be used only for that purpose.

All such data is stored, secured and processed securely and appropriate security measures are in place to protect such data from unauthorized access. Once the original purpose has been fulfilled personal data is deleted.

Our products comply with the EU GDPR regulations in that all identifying information on individuals such as faces and number plates can be redacted from the view of operators and all other unauthorised persons who might view the video. Such redaction may only be un-redacted by a person authorized to do so.

Any personal information you provide to enable us to support you will only be used for that purpose.

As iOmniscient and its associated companies do not operate products on behalf of customers, all data stored or used within systems supplied by us are owned by the customer. iOmniscient does not access, process or store any data unless explicitly requested to by the customer.



Data collection

User will connect APPs to on-Premises server, iOmniscient does NOT collection data when using mobile APPs


Geolocation information

If you turn this feature on, when you use your mobile, APP will access information about GPS/Wifi as well as other location information about your longitude and  latitude. This information helps the APP  to know your location and display only events


If you have enabled location services, but wish to turn them off, you can do so by the following

  1. iPhone app – settings,privacy, location services, Bumble
  2. Android – settings location,Bumble, permissions, location

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