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Autonomous Predictive Maintenance to Increase Productivity

Equipment maintenance and the maintenance of facilities is critically important for an organization. Equipment failure through poor maintenance can result in a huge unnecessary cost and generate safety concerns. And maintenance itself can be an expensive labour intensive exercise.

With its multi-sensory AI capabilities iOmniscient offers a portfolio of capabilities that can detect and even predict equipment failure and greatly increase the productivity of maintenance staff by up to 100%.

Autonomous Emergency Response for Smarter Cities

Emergency Response systems in most cities around the world are dependent on a traffic monitoring centre which is responsible for detecting an accident, determining what type of response is necessary, finding the nearest appropriate responder and telling them what has happened and where to go and what to do. This can take considerable time especially when there are several incidents occurring simultaneously

The most advanced Smart Cities have now implemented iOmniscient’s Autonomous Response System which reduces response times by 80%.

Autonomous AI for Roads & Traffic

There are systems available in the market for Optimizing Traffic Lights. There are systems for detecting incidents. There are systems for Law Enforcement and even for Emergency Response Management. Authorities also have to look after roadside assets such as signage and traffic lights and worry about pollution levels. All these systems tend to operate independently resulting in duplication of infrastructure and human resources for managing roads.

iOmniscient’s IQ Roads system is a single system that provides a total capability for all the different stakeholders who are required to manage our roads. The system uses common infrastructure for addressing:

Multi-sensory AI for Extreme Crowds

Traditionally AI based computer vision systems were only designed for empty spaces as crowded scenes generate many challenges. Objects and people in a crowd may be quite far away and may only be visible at a very low resolution and they may be partially or, at times, totally obscured making them very difficult to be recognized by systems trained using traditional methods. Further they are usually only designed to detect one behaviour at a time.

Designing Intelligent Systems at Zero Incremental Cost

As developers rush to build AI based systems, users can discover the incredibly high cost of some of these systems – often only after they are deeply committed. The real cost is not necessarily in the price of the software which may sometimes be “given away for free”, but in the cost of the associated infrastructure.

As an early pioneer in the field of Autonomous Multi-sensory AI, iOmniscient has designed its systems to minimize infrastructure costs to the point where an intelligent system can often cost less than a simple recording system.

This is achieved at three levels:

Cost Effective Autonomous Multi-sensory AI Systems

Humans use their eyes, ears and nose to understand their environment. iOmnsicient replicates this with its video, sound and smell analytics all of which are integrated and work together. If a person fell down would you not want to know if they just slipped or whether there was a gunshot at that moment which may mean that the person was shot.

More importantly iOmniscient systems are autonomous. Once the system understands what is happening in its environment it can automatically find the nearest appropriate responder. If there is a car accident, it can notify the nearest police vehicle. If it is on fire it can find the nearest fire brigade as well…

SIRA Certification for iOmniscient License Plate Recognition

The government of Dubai has established a very stringent certification process for Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) systems through SIRA, their certification body. Essentially they require plates from all Middle East countries to be recognized with extremely high accuracy.

The iOmniscient system has now achieved the necessary SIRA certification. In fact, the iOmniscient LPR system can recognize plates for 130 countries and can handle all the State and Regional variations for large countries like the USA, India, Japan and China which have many local variations.

Automatic AI Platform replacing manual & labor-intensive Data Annotation Processes

To many, Deep Learning equals Artificial Intelligence. This myth has been perpetuated by the suppliers of GPUs as Deep Learning requires a lot of computing resources.

Deep Learning involves training a system with large data sets. This is expensive in terms of labour for labelling the datasets before the system can be trained. Also because of the large training datasets required the computing load is high requiring expensive GPUs.

Deep Learning uses the memory function of the brain. It extracts common characteristics from large numbers of images of similar objects and looks for these in any new object that it sees. As such a Deep Learning system is only as good as the training data that it is fed. It will not accurately recognize an object if something very similar was not part of the training data…

Doing More with Less

Let us continue with our assessment of the 7 technology factors that we believe have contributed to our longevity as we turn 21. Previously we had discussed three of them. • Autonomous AI capability that reduced response times by 80%. • The provision of a complete service from design to turnkey implementation which means the user does not have to worry about their lack of knowledge – we do it for them. • Multisensory Analytics – video, sound and smell – a system that senses the environment just like a human would.

Now we come to the fourth factor – DOING MORE WITH LESS….

World’s Longest Standing Multi-Sensory AI Company

iOmniscient is the longest standing independent Multi-sensory AI based Analytics company. Today the company has just celebrated its 21st Birthday. Little did we imagine when we started, that our technology would be used in 70 countries around the world across 30 different industries from the China Fast Train (and 12 other railways) to 67 airports and 75 Smart Cities spread across every continent.

We have reflected on what has contributed to our longevity and we have concluded that the most important factor has been our commitment to developing the most advanced technologies. Our focus has been on being way ahead of the innovation curve. We don’t concentrate on being the biggest – we focus on being the best…

Autonomous AI requires High Accuracy

For an Autonomous AI System to work well the detection and recognition algorithms on which it is based must operate with high accuracy. Inaccurate system that generate excessive false alarms significantly increase the effort that has to be spent in checking each one, making the system unusable. iOmniscient offers Trusted Autonomous AI systems that can reduce response times for incidents by 80% as well as the costs of manning such environments. …

Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS)

The primary challenge with any multi-sensory system is not the ability to detect an event but the false alarms which if there are too many of them can make the system unusable. In a recent “shootout” against one of our competitors for a Mission Critical application they could detect the event with great accuracy but were getting 200 false alarms per camera each day…

Privacy Protection

Wherever there are CCTV cameras, the privacy of individuals is at risk as operators and others in control rooms can see the faces of individuals and identify them. As an ethical AI company we recognize this as a serious risk and have developed the ability to make not just ours but any system privacy protected….

Why are iOmniscient products rated with an IQ number?

All humans have intelligence but we recognize that some are more intelligent than others in a number of dimensions…


iOmniscient introduces the world’s first Automated PSIM system that can reduce response times by 80%. The internationally patented capability enables the system to understand an incident, find the nearest appropriate responders and tell them where to go and what to do without human intervention.


iOmniscient’s Automated Access Management System for Logistics/ Distribution Centres enables easy and quick access for trucks, confirming the identity of their drivers and their cargo without the need for kiosk infrastructure at the gates…

Garbage Detection

As the human population and overconsumption grow, the waste we produce becomes harder to get rid of. Garbage dumping is a major issue to deal with in large as well as small cities. Humans will never stop producing waste, so having methods to effectively manage it is critical to society…


Saudi Arabia shares a land border with Jordan. This border is managed on the Saudi side using advanced Artificial Intelligence based video analytics technology from iOmniscient. A key transit point between the two countries is in the small town of Al Hadithah. The Customs Department of Saudi Arabia has responsibility for ensuring the smooth flow of goods into and out of their country through this check point which stands out as a brilliant example of the use of advanced technology for Customs Management…


All traditional Access Control systems require a database of persons who have been granted access to a facility. And even with the highest levels of security, databases can be hacked and the privacy of persons whose information is stored in them, can be breached. IQ-Access is a new and internationally patented system that provides ultra-high accuracy, the ability to work across multiple locations (even across multiple countries) without the risk of a privacy breach…


How can a major airline ensure that all their passengers have been appropriately vaccinated? Does the staff member at the gate have to personally validate each passengers certificate? How can a major stadium or entertainment venue ensure that every person entering has been vaccinated?


IQ-VaxCert: International Vaccination Certificate

An artificial intelligence (AI) based video analytics solution by iOmniscient that uses contactless access control to ease travel restriction globally during the COVID19 pandemic. As vaccinations start getting rolled out then next challenge for authorities is how to authenticate if a person has been vaccinated. This will be very important as international travel begin to open up. However, it can also be important for domestic organizations. Football stadiums and restaurants may want to know if people entering their facilities have been vaccinated to ensure the safety of all their other customers…


IQ-Anti-Contagion: Helping Indonesia Airforce Hospital Staying Covid-Safe

The Indonesian Air Force has been a long-term customer of iOmniscient having implemented its systems for managing their security. The relationship has now been extended to keeping their people safe during the pandemic using iOmniscient’s iQ-Anti Contagion system which includes its Fever Detection system by which leverages on iOmniscient’s advanced Artifical Intelligence (AI) based video analytics to perform automated fever tracking. The Dr. Esnawan Antariksa…

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