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There are systems available in the market for Optimizing Traffic Lights. There are systems for detecting incidents. There are systems for Law Enforcement and even for Emergency Response Management. Authorities also have to look after roadside assets such as signage and traffic lights and  worry about pollution levels. All these systems tend to operate independently resulting in duplication of infrastructure and human resources for managing roads.

iOmniscient’s IQ Roads system is a single system that provides a total capability for all the different stakeholders who are required to manage our roads. The system uses common infrastructure for addressing:


Adaptive Traffic Light Optimization

iOmniscient’s Adaptive Traffic Light Optimization capability has a number of advantages.

The traffic light controllers themselves are based on modern technology which has reduced their cost to a tenth of that for traditional controllers.

The system considers not just the vehicular traffic on the roads but also pedestrian traffic to make sure that all road users are adequately serviced. Congestion for vehicular traffic is detected using CCTV cameras, crowd sourced data (from the mobile phones of drivers) and even from drones in areas where there is no camera infrastructure enabling it to use information that was never before accessible.

Law Enforcement

Traffic flows smoothly when drivers follow the rules. The system can detect vehicle speeds either at a single locations or averaged over a distance.

It can detect red light violations and cars that travel in lanes designated for buses. It can detect drivers travelling without securing their seatbelts or using their mobile phones.

And in all cases it can recognize number plates with extremely high accuracy for plates from 120 countries including in languages as diverse as Arabic and Japanese.

Autonomous Response for Detecting Incidents and ensuring pedestrian safety

The system has the ability to detect accidents and near misses. It can count and classify the vehicles (down to their make and model). Most importantly it can operate despite obscuration. If something falls off a truck and is not continuously visible due to the traffic, the iOmniscient system will still detect it.

And when an incident is detected the system will autonomously find the nearest appropriate responder and tell them where to go and what to do. If there is an accident and a vehicle is on fire the system will find the nearest police car and the nearest fire brigade and initiate a response. Typically, response times can be reduced by over 80% and control room manpower by 50 to 90%.

Kerbside Parking Management.

The system can manage kerbside parking without the need for meters.

Asset and Environment Management

IQ-Roads will know if road side assets such as signs have been damaged (and identify the vehicles/ persons involved) and its unique smell detection capability can raise alarms if pollution levels exceed acceptable levels.

Using common infrastructure minimizes costs

The same infrastructure is used for all applications. Often different stakeholders are responsible for different applications and they would want to ensure that the information they collect is confidential. This is easily achieved as each stakeholder only gets the information that they are authorized to receive.

This architecture results in a massive saving in infrastructure costs.

Savings in Infrastructure pays for the system

The system also reduces the computing infrastructure costs by design. If 2 mp cameras are used the resultant savings are 90% for both storage and network bandwidth and no GPUs are ever required. The value proposition from iOmniscient is that it can implement intelligent systems at a lower cost than a recording system.

This ability to cope with crowds, provide an autonomous response and reduce infrastructure costs for AI systems is protected by a large number of international patents and is therefore not available from anyone else.

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