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Emergency Response systems in most cities around the world are dependent on a traffic monitoring centre which is responsible for detecting an accident, determining what type of response is necessary, finding the nearest appropriate responder and telling them what has happened and where to go and what to do. This can take considerable time especially when there are several incidents occurring simultaneously

The most advanced Smart Cities have now implemented iOmniscient’s Autonomous Response System which reduces response times by 80%.

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Challenges with Autonomous Systems

For an autonomous response system to be effective it must be extremely accurate or else the system will be sending responders all over the place due to false alarms.

Beyond this the system must know the location of all the appropriate responders such that it can locate the nearest appropriate one.

iOmniscient’s ASAP – Internationally patented Autonomous Response System

All iOmniscient products are armed with an AI module called NAMS (Nuisance Alarm Minimization System) which helps them to understand the difference between humans, vehicles, shadows, light changes and a range of other factors that could generate false alarms.

IOmniscient offers the most comprehensive portfolio of Video, Sound and Smell analytics capabilities in the industry worldwide. Armed with NAMS it can understand what is happening in the environment very much like a human can.

Next the iOmniscient system has the patented ability to find the nearest and most appropriate responder and tell them where to go and what to do. If there is a road accident it would find the nearest police car and tell it where to go and what to do along with videos of the event. If a vehicle involved in the accident is on fire, it would find the nearest fire brigade.

All this can happen autonomously without human involvement though there is always the option for human intervention.

The Results are Tangible

In situations where such systems have been implemented, the response times have been reduced by 80% (eg from 25 minutes down to under 5 minutes).

Further it has resulted in the organization requiring a tenth of the control room manpower that would otherwise be required.

Savings in Infrastructure pays for the system

iOmniscient systems are designed to reduce infrastructure costs. If 2 mp cameras are used the resultant savings are 90% for both storage and network bandwidth. No GPUs are every required as iOmniscient’s AI algorithms have evolved beyond traditional Deep Learning.  The design allows operational and staffing costs to be greatly reduced. The value proposition from iOmniscient is that it can implement intelligent systems at a lower cost than a recording system.


This autonomous response capability along with the reduced infrastructure costs for AI systems is protected by a large number of international patents and is therefore not available from anyone else.

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