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Best Analytics Company of the Year

2018 ended well for iOmniscient with Wealth and Finance magazine naming the company as their Best Analytics Company of the Year

As many big players such as Microsoft and Google begin to deploy Artificial Intelligence over the last few years, the term has gained widespread popularity. However, as the world’s oldest independent analytics company, iOmniscient has been evolving this technology for almost two decades with many of its capabilities internationally patented. Hence, the company is able to continue to do what no one else can.

These capabilities include the ability to conduct behaviour analysis in very crowded and complex scenes, to do facial recognition on very low resolution cameras, to inform the nearest appropriate first responder on where to go and what to do, and to understand dwell time using face analytics. With iOmniscient’s ongoing investment in analytics technologies, the company continues to remain at the forefront of video, sound, and smell analytics.


iOmniscient’s Differentiators


So what makes an analytics company different? The difference between iOmniscient’s analytic products and all others is like the difference between a bicycle and an airplane. Both are forms of transportation but If your objective is to get from Dubai to New York you could not do it on a bicycle.

There are over 50 differences between iOmniscient and the other main players but to make the comparison task simpler we suggest you focus on the top few

      1.   The patented ability to do video analytics in a crowd despite obscuration. And the ability to see the invisible (black objects on a black background).
      2.   The ability to address sophisticated behaviours such as slips and falls, flood, smoke and fire detection.
      3.   The ability to count to an accuracy of over 99%.
      4.   The ability to count in a crowd even when the crowd isn’t moving.
      5.   Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) – the ability to minimize false alarms.
      6.   Patented ability to recognize faces in distant totally uncontrolled crowds – without compromising the privacy of citizens.
      7.   Multilingual License Plate Recognition (LPR) for over 130 countries.
      8.   The patented ability to do multiple detections and recognitions in quick succession eg detecting an abandoned bag and then recognizing who left it there and tracking him.
      9.   Patented Automated Response Capability – to find the nearest appropriate responder and tell him where to go and what to do.
      10.   Smart Compression – reducing storage and network requirements by over 90%.
      11.   Mobile Control Room – increase productivity by putting the control room on a smart phone.
      12.   Industry Packs – solutions for detailed use cases for 30 different industries
      13.   Multisensory Analytics – video, sound and smell analytics working together just as humans use them.


iOmniscient leads in Gartner Trends

In December, Gartner published their view on the Top 10 Technology Trends that will drive industry in 2019 and beyond. In 5 of these areas (listed here) iOmniscient continues to drive leading edge technologies.

 •   Automated Analytics: iOmniscient’s patented Automated Response systems will understand an incident, automatically find the appropriate first responder and tell them where to go and what to do.
 •   Empowered Edge: iOmniscient’s a Edge device incorporating the IQ Implant can provide the most advanced analytics in a decentralized or centralized environment.
 •   Smart Spaces: iOmniscient specializes in smart solutions for different environments offering comprehensive intelligent systems for 30 different industries. These are proven and implemented in over 50 countries
 •   AI Driven Development: iOmniscient has been a pioneer in AI. It has developed its own unique hybrid Heuristic/ Deep Learning capability that is extremely computing light and requires minimal training.
 •   Ethics and Privacy: iOmniscient has taken a leadership position in protecting privacy with the introduction of a system of reversible redaction that ensures that the privacy of citizens is protected while ensuring that Security Organization are still able to counter key security and safety threats. iOmniscient’s Face Recognition system was GDPR compliant on the day that the GDPR legislation was passed in the EU.


Winner of Global Security Challenge for Crowded Places


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