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In This Issue

  •   Detects people with a Fever in a Crowd in real-time                                                                            

  •   Unmanned operation for high productivity.

  •   Track individuals across non-overlapping cameras till they can be apprehended

  •   Track individuals even if they are wearing masks

  •   Accurate to within 0.1 ° C (0.18° F) with a sensitivity of 0.1° C (0.18° F)

iQ-FeverCheck helps contain COVID-19

The only available indicator that a person in a public place may be suffering from Covid19 or any other form of influenza is their body temperature.

Thermal cameras have been available for a long time and they have been used for detecting if people have a fever.

However, such systems are extremely labour intensive as they require a human to be present at every camera to detect the person exhibiting the fever.

iOmniscient’s iQ-Fevercheck system Addresses this

iQ-FeverCheck is part of iOmniscient’s AI-based multi-sensory analytics capabilities for Smart Cities. It can be useful in airports, stadiums, railway stations and other public spaces as well as in Hospitals, nursing homes and health care facilities where it is necessary to detect when individuals are suffering from a fever.  As with other iOmniscient systems IQ-FeverCheck can detect a person with a fever IN A CROWD and can keep tracking the person with the fever as they move from one location to the next using normal cameras.

The system checks if a human in a crowd has a fever and it captures his face. The person could be wearing a mask as is often the case today. The camera unit does not have to be manned.

The person can be tracked across all the cameras in the network, until he reaches a location where an officer is available. This officer can be notified either on his smartphone or on his computer (if he is at a location such as an immigration counter) that the person approaching him has a fever. This enables authorities to quarantine the person and support him or her with medical help. 

Privacy Fully Protected

With any system that tracks people, privacy is of the utmost importance.The IQ-FeverCheck system, like all other iOmniscient systems, is fully GDPR compliant. This means that all faces are redacted and are therefore not visible to any officer viewing the system. Despite this, the person with the fever can be pointed out to the Officer so that he can be checked out in more depth.

A Total Solution

When you buy IQ-FeverCheck you get:

  •   A Super Edge device for the temperature detection and the initial enrolment of the person with the temperature.

  •   The tracking system can be extended to any number of cameras within the network

  •   IQ-Mobile app for ocers who need to apprehend people with a fever

  •   Optionally you can also get computers to run the tracking software

  •   A dual sensor camera (thermographic to detect the fever and normal for Face Recognition)

  •   You get the software for detecting people who have a fever and for tracking them on other cameras


What makes it DIFFERENCE



There are two factors that make the system unique.


First, the thermal camera unit used is “Thermographic” in that it provides the exact temperature for each person rather than a relative temperature. And this temperature is accurate to 0.3° C ( 0.5° F) with a variance of only 0.1° C(0.18° F). This is twice as accurate as most traditional thermal camera units.


Even more importantly, iOmniscient’s Artificial Intelligence system is not dependent on traditional “deep learning” techniques. It is, therefore, able to recognize and track people even when they are wearing masks and this can be done using normal 1 or 2-megapixel cameras. Further, there is no requirement for a GPU – standard computers are sufficient.



All systems, including both hardware and software, come with a full 12 month warranty. At the end of the warranty period, the user can purchase the normal iOmniscient Gold Support Service which can extend the warranty for an unlimited period of time.


In view of the current demand, delivery times are running at 2 to 4 weeks from order/payment.


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