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Humans use their eyes, ears and nose to understand their environment. iOmnsicient replicates this with its video, sound and smell analytics all of which are integrated and work together. If a person fell down would you not want to know if they just slipped or whether there was a gunshot at that moment which may mean that the person was shot.

More importantly iOmniscient systems are autonomous. Once the system understands what is happening in its environment it can automatically find the nearest appropriate responder. If there is a car accident, it can notify the nearest police vehicle. If it is on fire it can find the nearest fire brigade as well. See video example.

The system will handle 80 to 90 % of situations on its own. Officers in the control room merely have to address complex situations that the system may not be able to handle, where some sophisticated human judgement is required. See video example.

For large control rooms, this autonomous response capability can reduce the manpower requirements by a factor of 10 or more, significantly increasing labour productivity and ensuring humans can be used in ways that provide them with more satisfaction.

Such autonomous response systems have also been shown to reduce response times to incidents by about 80%. If you were in an accident with your leg under a truck would you not appreciate the ambulance arriving 20 minutes sooner?

Such autonomous systems are also useful in other environments such as hospitals. If you had fallen down in the bathroom would it not be worthwhile for the nearest nurse to be notified so that he/she could help you immediately rather than to only be discovered when they come on their next round in a few hours time.

All iOmniscient systems are designed with the Return on Investment in Mind. The 10-fold increase in productivity and the 80% reduction in response time are part of this focus on designing systems that generate a tangible return. iOmniscient systems are implemented in 70 countries and an increasing proportion of these have implemented this Autonomous Response capability.

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