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iOmniscient’s High IQ Garbage Management, Keeping Your City Green and Clean

As the human population and overconsumption grow, the waste we produce becomes harder to get rid of. Garbage dumping is a major issue to deal with in large as well as small cities. Humans will never stop producing waste, so having methods to effectively manage it is critical to society.

Waste management is crucial to protecting the environment. Not disposing of garbage properly is a key challenge for local authorities. iOmniscient’s High IQ Garbage management system, is an artificial intelligence waste management system which helps detect garbage and rubbish dumping and dispose it effectively.

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iOmniscient addresses the challenges of waste management with its internationally patented artificial intelligence ability to detect garbage even if it is partially or totally obscured for a significant period. Any garbage that is left could be obscured for periods of time by passing vehicles or people. Only iOmniscient’s smart technology can detect this effectively despite the obscuration.

How does the system work in a real environment?

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Consider a situation such as a Park. Parks have numerous visitors all day long. The garbage bin in the park is overflowing with all the rubbish dumped by the visitors all through the day. Humans can be inconsiderate and ignore the overflowing bins as they continue to dump more and more rubbish in the bin which in turn, litters the area around the bin.

iOmniscient’s High IQ Garbage Management system detects the garbage and raises an alarm. This alarm is sent to the local Waste Collection Department in the Local Town. The information on the exact location with an image of the garbage can be sent directly to the nearest garbage disposal squad van on their smart phone. The squad will get the exact location of the garbage and a picture of it. They can then go and clean it up immediately.

In the case of illegal dumping such as dumping of rubbish on the streets, iOmniscient’s – Jump to Event in the system can automatically Jump Back to the event to show the Local Town Council who dumped the rubbish, them who did this. This Jump-to-Event is instant even if the event happened long before.

This technology is brought to you by iOmniscient the world’s leading supplier of Artificial Intelligence, keeping your city green and clean!

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