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  •   Indonesian Air Force Hospital implements iQ-AntiContagion                                                                            

  •   iOmniscient gets ISO9000

  •   AI Beyond Deep Learning

  •   New look UI from iOmniscient

Indonesian Air Force Hospital implements iQ-AntiContagion

The Indonesian Air Force has been a long-term customer of iOmniscient having implemented its systems for managing their security. The relationship has now been extended to keeping their people safe during the pandemic using iOmniscient’s iQ-Anti Contagion system which includes its Fever Detection system .

The Dr. Esnawan Antariksa Air Force Hospital in Jakarta has implemented the system for a number of reasons. The automated nature of the system makes it extremely cost-effective despite Indonesia having low labour costs.

The ability to detect someone who might potentially be unwell right through the hospital in a totally uncontrolled environment was attractive to their management. A single paramedic with a smartphone can manage the entire hospital facility. The ability to detect a fever and track the person until he can be properly assessed and isolated even when he is wearing a mask was important to them.

The ability to ensure that everyone’s privacy was protected with iOmniscient’s GDPR compliant privacy protection system was a significant added bonus.

iOmniscient’s partner PT. Sensorlink Yumitaro Indonesia, a national company with extensive expertise in Security Systems has been responsible for the design and implementation of the system.

With 30 years of experience in defense, government, and the private sector and a team of manufacturer-certified engineers they are well placed to support their customers right across the country.

AI Beyond Deep Learning

Deep Learning has been made very fashionable over the last few years and people have tended to use the term synonymously with Artificial Intelligence ever since “tech giants” like Google and Microsoft have embraced it. The technology is very powerful for categorizing objects within an image. One can provide it with a large dataset of any object e.g. 10,000 images of dogs, and the system can be trained to detect the next dog that comes along.

Deep Learning requires large training data sets and is very computing heavy. It is dicult for the technology to be applied to practical use-cases. Wildfaces recently completed a project for the Hong Kong Prisons where they wanted to detect suicide attempts. There was no opportunity to collect a large dataset of relevant cases. For that requirement, Wildfaces applied its unique ReasoningAI™ technology that could better mimic human intelligence, ensuring a quick and successful deployment.

The latest IoT camera devices are now mounted on moving carriers, for example, drones, wearables or robots. Typical vision-based AI solutions can lose its context as both the foreground and the background move simultaneously. Wildfaces has overcome this challenge with a new type of AI that it has developed called WildAI™. Both ReasoningAI™ and WildAI™ require very limited or even no datasets for training. This results in light computing, enabling systems to understand their environment in a way that Deep Learning never could. These are destined to ensure systems develop greater levels of comprehension than has been possible in the past.


New look UI from iOmniscient

iOmniscient’s User Interface has been given a face lift.

The new browser based dashboard is designed to provide management with summary information of their operations at a glance. The dashboard is accompanied by a dynamic map view which shows where all the cameras and other sensors are located and indicates which cameras/ sensors have an active alarm or event. It can also indicate dynamically where the nearest appropriate responders are, and show which ones have been mobilized during an event.

Further capabilities are planned and will be built into the dashboard over the next few months.



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