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  •   Making streetlights intelligent                                                                            

  •   Intel implanted with iOmniscient

  •   New Office In Italy

iOmniscient making the streetlights INTELLIGENT

Wherever you go in Australia your path is likely to be illuminated by Sylvania Lighting. Over 60% of the street lighting across the country is provided by Sylvania.

Sylvania Connected Solutions (SCS) is an arm of the Sylvania brand engaged in Smart City Solutions. SCS has partnered with iOmniscient to build an Intelligent Streetlight. Integrating all of iOmniscient’s capabilities this Smart Street light can count vehicles to help to manage traffic. The system can help detect accidents such as car crashes and slips and falls and to find lost children.George Verghese, Business Manager for Sylvania Connected Solutions said they are looking at how customers can evolve by replacing their existing infrastructure with the new Smarter Streetlight. “We can provide a free upgrade to an intelligent system for those customers who require the advanced new capabilities”.

“We chose to partner with iOmniscient as we found they had the most comprehensive video analytics in the industry.Their technology is very robust and proven in very difficult environments.”


Intel implanted with iOmniscient


Intel and iOmniscient have combined their strengths to offer the IQ Implant, an IoT device that can sit next to any camera and make it Intelligent.

There are millions of cameras around the world with no intelligence. The IQ Implant can receive the video from these cameras and analyze it providing the user with a comprehensive understanding of what is happening in the video – everything from License Plate and Face Recognition in a Crowd to Behaviour Analytics.

By placing the intelligence next to the camera rather than inside it, the system remains camera agnostic allowing the user the flexibility to change cameras and camera suppliers as camera technology evolves.

iOmniscient’s Smart Compression is also available in a variant of the IQ Implant. This smart compression can reduce the network bandwidth required by over 90% on top of the level of compression available from H.264 and H.265 without losing iimportant details such as faces and license plates. This is extremely useful when attempting to transmit high resolution video in areas with poor quality internet.

Bala Rajendran, iOmniscient’s Worldwide Engineering Manager said, “iOmniscient has always used Intel exclusively for all its hardware requirements because of Intel’s standardized, scalable, reliable Intel® architecture and software which includes its OpenVINO toolkit. This has been used by iOmniscient to accelerate some of its AI model training and deep learning.”

Over the next six months Intel and iOmniscient will be running seminars on how to take advantage of these technologies in 30 cities around the world. The schedule will be announced shortly. Watch out for a seminar near you.


Beyond Deep Learning

Over the last couple of years Artificial Intelligence has suddenly been made fashionable by Google and other giants of the tech industry. Their primary focus has been on “Deep Learning” techniques. Hundreds of start-ups have sprouted using standard templates provided by various suppliers and of course they all produce similar results.

Deep Learning can produce accurate results. However it can take a lot of time for a system to be taught every variation of objects or events that can occur. And it is extremely computing heavy which is why it is promoted by those selling GPUs and other similar hardware.

iOmniscient has been building artificial intelligence products since 2001 – long before AI became fashionable. And over this time it has developed technologies and methodologies that give it a unique advantage.

There are many forms of AI ranging from Heuristic and Expert Systems to Neural Networks of which Deep Learning is a subset. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

iOmniscient developed a hybrid capability that combines the strengths of each method while overcoming their weakness. There are two main benefits that result from using the iOmniscient system.

First it reduces the learning time for training the system from weeks or months to seconds or minutes. Secondly it is extremely computing light and hence does not require GPUs. Everything can run on standard computing hardware.


New Office In Italy


Mamma Mia – here we go again.

iOmniscient is pleased to announce the setting up of its latest office in Italy.The small team of three led by Mauro Dezi will help our Italian customers take advantage of our Artificial Intelligence capabilities.


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