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All traditional Access Control systems require a database of persons who have been granted access to a facility. And even with the highest levels of security, databases can be hacked and the privacy of persons whose information is stored in them, can be breached.

IQ-Access is a new and internationally patented system that provides ultra-high accuracy, the ability to work across multiple locations (even across multiple countries) without the risk of a privacy breach.


The person requiring access does not have to tap a card or expose a finger print. He does not have to stand still in front of a high resolution camera to have his face matched with a large database. He just comes up to a door or turnstile and walks through.

This internationally patented capability will work even in a crowded environment greatly reducing queues. Existing CCTV infrastructure can be used minimizing the cost of implementation.

The system is particularly useful for large organizations where a staff member may be enrolled once anywhere in the world and that person can then gain access to some or all facilities everywhere. The access control can be selective. So the person may be able to enter cafeterias anywhere but access to data centres may be limited.

How it Works

An employee can be enrolled at any of an organization’s offices located anywhere in the world. The system captures the person’s face, the identity of their mobile device and any other key information such as type of access that they are authorized for and this information placed in an encrypted module on the employee’s own phone.

When the employee visits any of the organization’s facilities and is in the vicinity of an access point, the contactless access control system senses the phone in its proximity, extracts the module and decrypts it.

The camera at the entrance then compares the person’s face with the information obtained from the person’s own phone. If authenticated, the contactless access control system opens the gate for the individual. The person does not have to stand motionless in front of the camera. iOmniscient’s face recognition technology can recognize a person at 20 meters (60 feet) on a 2 megapixel camera even in a crowd.

There is no need for a centralized data base. The person carries his own encrypted code which can be decoded and used to recognize him anywhere in the world.

The privacy of the person can never be breached as there is no central database that can be hacked.

There can be no fraud. If the phone is lost or stolen, no other person can use it as their face will not match the encrypted module.

The system is infintely scalable and the 2 factor authentication ensures very high accuracy.

And there is no up front cost. You can pay for the system as you go.

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