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In This Issue

  •   Detects people with a Fever in a Crowd in real-time                                                                            

  •   Unmanned operation for high productivity.

  •   Track individuals across non-overlapping cameras till they can be apprehended

  •   Track individuals even if they are wearing masks

  •   ccurate to within 0.1 ° C (0.18° F) with a sensitivity of 0.1° C (0.18° F)

iQ Fever Check° helps Paramedics do MORE with LESS

According to the WHO-China Joint Task Force, for 88% of people infected with COVID-19, the first symptom is a fever. In fact the only visible symptom for determining if some persons at a distance in a large group are suffering from a virus infection is to detect if they have a fever.

iOmniscient now brings you the world’s first Automated Fever Detection system – a system that minimizes costs by ensuring that Thermal Stations do not have to be manned by paramedics – a skillset that is going to be in continuing short supply.

In a facility with many entrances multiple thermal stations may be needed, but only a single paramedic team.

How the iOmniscient Automated Fever Detection works


Brilliant by Design


  •   One paramedic team can support multiple thermal stations.

  •   Tracks individuals/large groups (up to 100 in an image) through a facility at long distances (20 meters/ 60 feet) even if they        are wearing a mask.

  •   Provides nearest Paramedic team with the image of the person with the fever and the person’s location.

  •   Logs all faces detected with a fever to ensure that they do not leave the facility

Privacy Protected

  •   GDPR Compliant. All faces are redacted. Only the paramedic can reverse the redaction for the person with the fever.

Very Accurate Thermographic Cameras

  •   Detects Fever at long distances (8-meter or 24-feet) a large group of people – up to 30 people at a time

  •   Dual sensor Thermographic Camera

        >   High Accuracy: +/- 0.1° C (or +/- 0.18° Fahrenheit)

        >   Threshold temperature can be set in 0.1°C (0.18°F) increments

Fever Check Systems come in two Packages



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