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An artificial intelligence (AI) based video analytics solution by iOmniscient that uses contactless access control to ease travel restriction globally during the COVID19 pandemic

As vaccinations start getting rolled out then next challenge for authorities is how to authenticate if a person has been vaccinated. This will be very important as international travel begins to open up.

However it can also be important for domestic organizations. Football stadiums and restaurants may want to know if people entering their facilities have been vaccinated to ensure the safety of all their other customers. Which visitors have been vaccinated would also be very useful for contact tracing operations.

The traditional paper based certificate is of limited value as it is open to fraud. More than one person may pass off a certificate as their own.


Implementing a huge data base of people vaccinated creates massive privacy issues and is potentially at risk of privacy breaches.

A smartphone based “encrypted digital certificate” is being considered by some. Unlike a contactless access control, this too requires a human to check the certificate and authenticate that the person with the phone is the owner of the certificate. Studies have shown that human authentication is extremely time consuming and subject to error.

Yes– that is correct . Whether the certificate is a paper certificate or one on a mobile phone, a human “checker” is required to confirm that the person carrying the certificate is the person was in fact vaccinated. It requires the country to maintain a huge data base with its inherent risk of privacy breaches and it can be easily defrauded.

To address these shortcomings iOmniscient has developed a Digital Certificate that:

 •   Is fully automated and does not require a human to authenticate that the person is the owner of the certificate – contactless access control
 •   Cannot be defrauded
 •   Has no data base and hence there is zero risk of a privacy breach

With iOmniscient’s advanced face tracking, over 100+ individuals can be authenticated simultaneous. In crowded environments like airports such a system can greatly reduce queues and congestion and help us to return to normalcy, building public confidence to enable governments to reopen borders and ease restrictions on social life.

How does IQ-VaxCert work?

When an individual is vaccinated, a small app is installed on that individual’s smartphone along with their encrypted personal biometric metadata such as their picture.

If the person needs to board an airplane for which their certificate needs to be checked, they merely walk up towards the boarding gate with their phone still in their pocket. When their phone connects to a local wireless network, the IQ-VaxCert application installed at the boarding gate senses the phone in its proximity decrypts the app and extracts the meta-data.

IQ-VaxCert then checks this metadata against the live image that it receives from the CCTV cameras at the gate. If there is a match the person can just walk straight through.


The system is entirely privacy protected. No human sees any faces. There is no requirement for a centralized database. There is no fear of identity theft and if the phone is lost or stolen the system cannot be defrauded as it will only work for the owner of that particular phone.

This internationally patented capability will work even in a crowded environment greatly reducing queues.

The system can leverages existing CCTV infrastructure minimizing the cost of implementation.

This unique system is brought to you by the world’s leading supplier of artificial intelligence based video-analytics

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