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Maintaining CCTV networks

If you run a large CCTV network the chances are that just when there is an incident in your facility the mission critical cameras that you are relying on are not working.  The key challenge is to know which ones are not operating correctly and why. Studies have shown that in any large network of cameras around 20% are not operational at any time leaving the organization partially blind.

CCTV cameras may not operate effectively because they could have moved due to external vibrations; they could have been sabotaged by a miscreant or they could just not be working because a connecting wire was damaged. Or they could be working but cannot see clearly because of fog or snow or because a spider has spun its web over the lens.

If the camera is not working or if it has been sabotaged or it just cannot see clearly for any reason the system will raise a warning and issue a maintenance ticket for the team to address the problem immediately or as per a maintenance schedule

The warnings can be grouped by location so as to optimize the route to be taken by the maintenance person. The improved scheduling has been demonstrated to result in an almost instantaneous 40% improvement in productivity for the maintenance team.

iOmniscient’s IQ-HealthCheck can automate the above steps keeping an eye on every camera to ensure they are all operating effectively 24×7.

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