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SIRA Certification for iOmniscient License Plate Recognition

The government of Dubai has established a very stringent certification process for Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) systems through SIRA, their certification body. Essentially they require plates from all Middle East countries to be recognized with extremely high accuracy.

The iOmniscient system has now achieved the necessary SIRA certification. In fact, the iOmniscient LPR system can recognize plates for 130 countries and can handle all the State and Regional variations for large countries like the USA, India, Japan and China which have many local variations.

As an integral part of its computer vison portfolio, iOmniscient’s LPR system can work alongside the other products. For instance, the Driver Match capability enables the driver’s face to be recognized to ensure that he is the authorized driver – important for Logistics, Defence, and other secure establishments where different vehicles are restricted to certain drivers.

When used as part of iOmniscient’s IQ-Hawk capability the LPR can be automatically activated when an unusual event occurs (eg if a vehicle is parked illegally, travels in the wrong direction or is involved in an accident). Its real time database allows the plate to be matched against blacklist or white lists.

The high accuracy can be maintained even at very high speeds (250kms per hour) and is available as an integral part of its Speed Detection and Red Light Violation systems.

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