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The primary challenge with any multi-sensory system is not the ability to detect an event but the false alarms which if there are too many of them can make the system unusable

In a recent “shootout” against one of our competitors for a Mission Critical application they could detect the event with great accuracy but were getting 200 false alarms per camera each day. The requirement was to have less than one.

False alarms can be caused by a number of factors including unusual light changes and even from problems caused by the CCTV cameras, microphones or other sensors themselves if they do not have characteristics suited to the application.

iOmniscient achieves such stringent requirements for minimizing false alarms through an AI module called NAMS – Nuisance Alarm Minimization System that arms all its applications.

If your system is suffering from an unacceptably high false alarm rate talk to your local iOmniscient team.



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