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Number 1 in Artificial Intelligence.

We are delighted to be announced as the Technology Leader in Artificial Intelligence in Australia by the APAC Insider magazine. They make their selections based on analyses and research focused on merit rather than on a public vote which can be manipulated.

Simultaneously CIO Adviser magazine has listed iOmniscient amongst the 25 Hottest AI companies in Asia Pacific and the only one on their list focused on Computer Vision.

We cherish both their accolades.

iOmniscient has been pioneering its own flavor of Artificial Intelligence since 2001, long before the term was popularized and fashionable.

Today there is a lot of focus on Neural Networks and Deep Learning technologies. These are very useful but also have significant shortfalls in terms adaptability such as “lengthy learning times” and the amount of training data & computing resources required. iOmniscient developed its own hybrid methodologies combining Heuristic and Active Learning technologies that significantly reduce all of the above (from months down to seconds).

More importantly it significantly reduces computing requirements. For instance, it can perform Face Recognition on low resolution cameras at long distances with a higher accuracy than any other organization today without the use of expensive GPUs. Where other organizations may require multiple $4000 GPU cards and high resolution cameras, the iOmniscient system can generate more accurate results at a fraction of their cost with off the shelf hardware.

The company does not troll Universities to find AI experts. Bala Rajendran, who manages iOmniscient’s three development centers around the world said, “We like to grow our own AI specialists because our methodologies involve a very different way of thinking which is practical and cost effective making deployment very affordable. Our people often have to forget the traditional way of doing things that they learnt at University when they were doing their PhDs. Our way of doing things are often counter-intuitive and that is what has enabled us to maintain our leading position in a field that is now dominated by some big players”.

Data Privacy Act creates challenges for the Surveillance Industry and iOmniscient provides a solution.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has created a harmonised data protection law framework across the EU ensuring privacy for individuals.

But consider a traditional CCTV based surveillance system. There are millions of cameras in shopping malls, railway stations, airports, banks and in just about every corner of our cities. The video from all these cameras are visible to the operators in their control rooms and these videos are recorded. The information is available to anyone who wishes to do a forensic analysis on them. Your privacy has already been breached by all these systems.

iOmniscient’s intelligent GDPR ready Video Management System (iQ-VMS) solves this problem. All faces in every video stream can be redacted so that no one in any control room can see anyone’s face. The stored video is also redacted.

So what is the use of a surveillance system where you cannot see anything. While all the faces are redacted the system itself can continue to analyse what is happening. If someone falls down, the nearest responder can be alerted to help. If a fire starts, the fire brigade can be called. Though faces are anonymized the system can know how long an average person spends in different parts of a store. But while the system can provide this intelligence to help citizens their privacy is totally protected.

But what if there is a murder in the middle of a shopping mall or what if a child is lost? The iOmniscient redaction is reversible. In an emergency authorized personnel can have a special key to selectively reverse the redaction in the interests of public safety and security

70+ patents across 14 technology families across 6 geographies

iOmniscient has done Projects in 60+ countries

Which are the best cameras for Video Analytics.

Customers often ask us what cameras they should use. This is critical for them as often they choose and install the cameras first only to discover later that though the cameras may be expensive and of very high quality they are unsuitable for the analytics that need to be implemented. We have developed a white paper to help them choose wisely. Please contact us for a copy of this white paper.

NEW LOOK – NEW WEBSITE – NEW EMAIL Welcome to our new look website. Visit it at

The new site will provide you with new perspectives on what we do and our unique capabilities. To help those with the spelling of our name we have also created a new email address for all of us. You can contact us at (where XXX is usually the first name of the member of the team).

But what if there is a murder in the middle of a shopping mall or what if a child is lost? The iOmniscient redaction is reversible. In an emergency authorized personnel can have a special key to selectively reverse the redaction in the interests of public safety and security

Avigilon’s Menace Fizzles out

A short while back Avigilon’s patent lawyers approached us to license their patents. They said they had some 700 of them. We advised them that this was not necessary as we had our own unique technology protected by our own portfolio of 48 patents (this was at that time – now we have 2 more).
Unfortunately, this did not satisfy them. They pointed to some of our products and claimed that these breached their patents and that if we did not respond by a certain date they would take unspecified actions against us. Also they insisted that we sign an NDA with them about these discussions.

We refused to sign the NDA which is why we can talk about this now. We said that if there was going to be a discussion on Intellectual Property (IP), that we would have that in the public forum. We were also able to point out that our own patents and prior art significantly preceded theirs. Not only were we not breaching their patents but based on the available information significant swathes of their patents would appear to have been invalidated by our intellectual property and prior art.

We also realized that a significant proportion of their patents were theoretical –they had not been implemented as products unlike our own IP which gets translated into products right away. Their deadline passed and they went extremely quiet. There were no further threats. A couple of months later we heard in the press that Avigilon had been sold to Motorola Solutions. We would encourage those of our partners who might have been coerced into establishing licensing agreements with Avigilon to reconsider whether they need to continue with those arrangements when they can use our technologies without such constraints.

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