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Preventing Suicide deaths in Hong Kong’s prisons

Corrective Services teams around the world have to ensure that prisoners in their charge are safe and do not self-harm. This was brought to front of mind with the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein in a New York prison where no one realized what had happened till the next morning. Death in custody continues to be a problem in many prison systems but not in the prisons such as those in Hong Kong that are armed with iOmniscient’s IQ-Prison system implemented by its subsidiary Wildfaces there.

Hong Kong is not alone in having intelligent systems in its prisons to make their prisons secure and to keep prisoners safe. Prisons from Canada to Bahrain use iOmniscient’s technology for a range of applications described below:

Feature Basic Advanced Genius
Security Detect simple suspicious behaviors including man-down, loitering, running, crowd gathering etc…
Perimeter protection
Prevent thrown objects and abandoned objects both inside and outside the fence lines
Prevent crowd gathering in the exercise yard and other locations
Detect aggressive behaviours e.g. fighting using video analytics
Detect aggressive behaviours using sound analytics
Detect left objects in the visitation or main lobby areas
Prevent unauthorized access and tailgating – for both people and vehicles
Surveillance system health check to prevent camera tempering and sabotage
Operations Adhere to fire regulations by preventing overcrowding
Counting inmates with 99%+ accuracy as they move through different areas
Manage visitors with people counting to understand the busiest times
Car park management: Detect illegal parking, speeding, and suspicious or abandoned objects
Safety Detect person attempting to commit suicide
Smoke & fire detection where conventional smoke detection is not effective in areas with high ceiling & outdoors
Track inmates movement with Facial Analytics

Vision based Company-Of-the-Year

CIO Review India has just named iOmniscient as its AI Based Video Analytics Company of the Year .

While CIO Review has said that their assessment covers companies worldwide, the award is particularly pleasing as India is the home of a large number of startups who claim they can do anything and everything and at a very low price. What differentiates iOmniscient from this crowd of new Indian video analytics companies? There are two differences that make all the other hundred or so differences look minor.

1. NAMS: The most significant problem with any video analytics system is the number of false alarms it might generate. A system that throws up hundreds of false alarms is unworkable.

Unlike others, every iOmniscient product is armed with an AI based module called NAMS (Nuisance Alarm Minimization System) to reduce false alarms. In a recent test with 40 cameras the iOmniscient system generated one false alarm per night. The nearest other supplier generated 200 per camera per night. It is for this reason that the iOmniscient system is used as the safety system for the China Fast Train and for Sydney’s new driverless train system.

2. Cost: Most Indian suppliers compensate for their limited functional capability by offering a very low price. The overall cost of an iOmniscient system can however be much lower than this because iOmniscient systems are designed to reduce Storage and Network bandwidth requirements by over 90%. It is computing light and does not require a GPU and depending on the use cases the number of cameras required can be reduced by 80 to 90 %.

So the overall cost of implementing an iOmniscient system can be very low even while providing superior performance.

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