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Know your customers with Dwell Time Analysis

Jan 10

Know your customers with Dwell Time Analysis

Your system understands that people spend an average of 10 minutes in the chocolate section and only five in the bread section. It can tell you that though the average time is 10 minutes in the chocolate section, elder women spend only 5 minutes there while young men spend 15. And younger men tend to turn up between 5 and 6 pm in the evening.

Understanding what customers are thinking which is reflected in which parts of a store they spend time in helps to increase revenues. In several stores which implemented the system recently, they were able to show a doubling of revenues through better understanding of their customers’ behaviours.

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Target your offering with Adaptive Digital Signage

Your Digital Display monitor sees a large group of people when they are still 20 meters away. It immediately understands their demographics – their age and gender. It appreciates that in this group the majority are young teenage girls.

It starts displaying ads for lipsticks and other cosmetics.

Just behind them it sees a second cohort where a majority are older men. For them it starts displaying ads for men’s shirts.

Where such an AI-powered Digital Signage solution has been implemented, the stores’ revenues have increased by 70%.

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Extensive Retail Use Cases that ALL comply with GDPR for 
Privacy Protection

These are just 2 of the 30 plus applications that are available in the IQ-Retail suite of programs specially designed for Shopping Malls and Store Chains. You can implement whatever you require – OUT OF THE BOX - IMMEDIATELY. There is no “learning time”.

Most importantly it is fully privacy protected (GDPR compliant) eliminating the concerns that many customers have with respect to the CCTV systems that currently exist in Shopping Centres and stores.

And all this at ZERO Incremental Cost

Substantial savings & benefits generated from iOmniscient’s iQ-Retail system can pay for the entire system itself due to quick ROI the system can bring.

iOmniscient designs its use cases such that the ROI is very tangible and the overall cost of the system is usually below that of a recording system.

AI can help you prospect your target audience reducing the required manpower by 5 folds but increasing the effectiveness by 10 folds. Able to understand customers better by 10 folds.

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