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  •   System Intelligence overcomes the limitation of edge Computing                                                                            

  •   Making Face Recognition a Force for Good

  •   UK Cloud Service ensures High Availability by keeping their own people safe

System Intelligence overcomes the limitation of Edge Computing

There has been a raging debate in the industry on whether the intelligence should reside at the Edge (within the camera) or at the Center. But this is the wrong debate to have. A camera is invariably but a single sensor in a large system.

Consider an example in a Security Environment. In an airport, a single camera may detect if a parcel has been abandoned. This information is of limited value. It is far more important to understand:

A truly smart system is one where the information from all the sensors work together to generate a comprehensive understanding of the environment so as to enable a sophisticated response.

  1. Who abandoned it
  2. Where that person came from before he abandoned the parcel
  3. Who he was within this preceding period
  4. Where that person has gone after he left the parcel
  5. Who is the nearest responder who could be alerted to apprehend him

The information from many cameras has to be combined to truly understand what is happening and to react appropriately. If the intelligence resided within each camera, such sophisticated analysis would be impossible.

In a shopping mall with an individual camera, one can count how many people entered or left the store. But with a network of cameras working together one can understand how long people spent in the chocolate section as opposed to the vegetable section.

Whether the analytics occurs within the cameras or at a data center is irrelevant. What is important is that the information from across all the sensors is processed simultaneously in a united way as this ensures that one has an understanding of the entire environment rather than disjointed data from each sensor.

iOmniscient has pioneered the concept of System Intelligence. The technology involved in the above use cases (Automated Response and Dwell Time) are patented and are but two of iOmniscient’s 70+ related international patents

Making Face Recognition a Force for Good

We know that any technology in the wrong hands can have many negative consequences and much has been written about the risk of policing agencies in autocratic states potentially misusing such systems.

However, such systems can also be a force for good. It can help find lost and stolen children quickly, minimizing their trauma. It can help find elderly patients with dementia if they have wandered away from their homes. It can help in serious criminal investigations such as murders

How does one and the right balance?

The key is to first ensure that the technology cannot be used negatively and society can enforce that by implementing strict privacy protection rules such as the GDPR legislation in the EU. Today CCTV cameras are ubiquitous. With or without a Face Recognition capability these systems can invade one’s privacy as any operator in any organization can see what the camera sees. A society concerned about privacy can and must impose rules on all existing and future deployments of CCTV systems to ensure that citizen privacy is protected. This is easily done by redaction/pixelation of all faces and number plates in all stored or displayed CCTV video.

Then, once potential misuse has been controlled, authorized persons, if necessary with a warrant, should be able to reverse the redaction when confronted with an emergency.

The technology for such Privacy Protection is available today. iOmniscient’s Privacy Protection system ensures that all faces and license plates are redacted and encrypted so that no one can view or misuse the information. It can be applied to any existing video recording and display system.

The iOmniscient system comes with a separate internationally patented module that enables an authorized person to decrypt and reverse the redaction selectively in case of an emergency. With this, one can have the best of both worlds – a totally privacy-protected system that can still be called on to help in emergencies.

UK Cloud Service ensures High Availability by keeping their own people safe

One of the UK’s leading Cloud Service providers prides itself on providing quality services to their customers which include, amongst others, over 5000 medical clinics and practitioners. During the pandemic, they have recognized that they have to ensure the safety of their own teams if they are going to continue to provide a High Availability service to their customers.

To achieve this end they have implemented the i-BEMS™ Shield system at their London HQ provided by iOmniscient’s key international partner LTTS (Larsen and Toubro Technology Services).

The i-BEMS™ Shield system incorporates iOmniscient FeverCheck capabilities and offers automated temperature detection, monitoring of building air quality, and smart maintenance of social distancing norms. enabling the Cloud Service provider to ensure workplace safety on a real-time basis. The secured, open, modular, and heterogeneous nature of the solution enables easy scalability and deployment regardless of the size and complexity of the building. The platform enables the unification of all campus operations under one system and uses advanced analytics and fault diagnostics for energy savings.

The award winning LTTS i-BEMS Platform takes building and experience management solutions to the next level with its four expansive modules that fit into every customers’ requirement and budget and it is for these reasons that this cloud service supplier selected LTTS as their long term partner.


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