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How can a major airline ensure that all their passengers have been appropriately vaccinated? Does the staff member at the gate have to personally validate each passengers certificate? How can a major stadium or entertainment venue ensure that every person entering has been vaccinated?

Organizations such as these and also other major enterprises may feel it necessary to restrict access to their facilities to people who have been properly vaccinated to protect all others in their facility. At a recent Bruce Springsteen concert he insisted that only properly vaccinated people would be admitted. But how can the person at the entrance check this? Paper certificates are easily forged. Further how can they ensure that certificate on a piece of paper or even on a phone relates to the person carrying that document. Paper certificates and QR Codes on phones are open to fraud and misuse.

iOmniscient’s internationally patented IQ-VAXCert overcomes these issues. A person at the airport gate or at the entrance to a Concert Hall would just walk through without stopping. The system would know that they have been vaccinated without anyone having to check anything. If the person has not been vaccinated, access would be blocked.

This has the benefit of speeding up queues and greatly increasing the convenience of passengers, customers and staff while at the same time eliminating fraud.

To understand how this could help your organization keep your environment safe call your nearest iOmniscient consultant.

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