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Zero incremental cost makes 2016 a very good year

In 2016 more customers chose iOmniscient around the world. The tally in 2016 is shown in the graph. In addition there were many smaller projects for retail, building management and general security. This has increased the number of countries we operate in to 45 .

Customers are under tremendous budget constraints and they all want the best system at minimal cost. We were able to meet this requirement through using our technology to reduce the entire infrastructure cost and enhance operational efficiency.

For customers the most important factor was the fact that using iOmniscient’s smart compression technology they found it was less expensive to implement an intelligent system than a recording or standard surveillance system.

The feedback from these customers highlighted 4 other important factors that influenced them to partner with iOmniscient.

1. Fewer Cameras Needed: For applications like Face Recognition the iOmniscient system requires 5 times fewer cameras and hence much less infrastructure. This is because the iOmniscient system can recognize people in a crowd at 5 times the distance of any other system. With the ability to recognize 75 faces at the same time on a 1 megapixel camera the result is fewer cameras, less bandwidth and computation, less installation and lower ongoing costs

2. Reduced Response Times: iOmniscient offers solutions for customers’ specific use cases. The automated response system can eliminate many steps in their processes reducing response times to incidents by 80%. Manual operations are greatly reduced also by around 80%.

3. Reliability: all iOmniscient products are armed with an Artificial Intelligence based Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS). In several competitive situations NAMS has enabled the iOmniscient system to operate with a ratio of 1:200 (iOmniscient false alarms: false alarms from the alternative system). Fewer false alarms are important for making the system effective.

4. Comprehensive capabilities: Not only is the portfolio of applications very broad but iOmniscient has a focus on being best in class in every category. Customers also have an easy upgrade path from simple products to more sophisticated ones just by changing the license key.

Dell & iOmniscient jointly launch the Intelligent IoT Gateway

At the Intersec Exhibition in Dubai, DELL and iOmniscient will launch their Intelligent IoT Gateway which will then be available from both companies.

As the world moves to IoT, data has to be collected from multiple sensors (eg video, sound and smell). This data must be analysed and unstood. While the Gateway can trigger an :Autonomous Response” based on the information it extracts from the data, this information can also be sent to a central location where it can be analysed further. The Dell-iOmniscient Intelligent IoT Gateway is designed to fulfil this function.

what is it?

The Dell-IOmniscient Intelligent IoT Gateway is rugged devide that can accept and analyse information from video, sound and smell data (very much like a human can).

It can operate in the snow field of Alaska Alaska (-30°C) or the deserts of Saudi Arabia (+70°C). It can withstand vibrations, I note that you also require much less storage. rain, snow and dust storms.

It can connect to any IP camera, any microphone and to specialized smell sensors. It is worry-free –the hardware comes with a 3-year onsite service warranty from Dell

Additionally, it is embedded with the world’s most intelligent multi-sensory analytics software from iOmniscient which can:

 1.   Analyse video, sound and smell
 2.   Its video analytics includes Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition and Behaviour Analytics which can operate together on the same camera.
 3.   It has the unique, patented ability to do things in a Crowd – Face Recognition IN A CROWD, Abandoned Object Detection IN A CROWD, etc making this the only system which can offer working solutions for Smart Cities and complex, distributed outdoor commercial environments.
 4.   It offers solutions for specific Use Cases for 30 different industries from Banks to Shopping Malls and from City Councils to Defence.
 5.   The system can automatically find the nearest first responder and tell them where to go and what to do.

  Example               1:     There is an accident on the Road. A camera sees the accident. The IoT gateway understands the incident (eg is the car on fire as well). The IoT device automatically will find the nearest Police Car and the nearest fire brigade and inform them on what has happened, and where to go and what to do.
  Example               2:     A battery of large pumps is operating on refinery. The bearing on one pump is worn out and overheating. The IoT device will realize this, automatically find the nearest Maintenance Engineer with details on the problem including images and locations.
  Example               3:     Ther are a large number of IoT devices on the road. These analyse traffic and send information to the cloud. Using Big Data Analysis one can answer questions like: Why do accidents always happen at junction X between 9am and 10am and why do these invariably tend to involve red cars.

Huge Saving in Infrstructure Costs

 >   A major challenge for performning video analytics in the cloud is that the transmission of high resolution video to the cloud requires very high network bandwidth. With iOmniscient’s Smart Compression technology video can be transmitted to the cloud without los of any important detail.
 >   iOmniscient’s technology reduces infrastructure costs (eg storage and network bandwidth) by 90%
 >   Response Times for incidents can be reduced by 80%.
 >   iOmniscient requires 5 times fewer cameras to cover an area for Facial Recognition

Dell X iOmniscient

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