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Autonomous Predictive Maintenance to Increase Productivity


Autonomous Predictive Maintenance to Increase Productivity

Equipment maintenance and the maintenance of facilities is critically important for an organization.  Equipment failure through poor maintenance can result in a huge unnecessary cost and generate safety concerns. And maintenance itself can be an expensive labour intensive exercise.

With its multi-sensory AI capabilities iOmniscient offers a portfolio of capabilities that can detect and even predict equipment failure and greatly increase the productivity of maintenance staff by up to 100%.

See how Predictive Maintenance can help you in different environments.

And all this at Zero incremental cost

iOmniscient’s advanced AI capability goes beyond Deep Learning. It is very computing light and no GPUs are required.

Further with its smart compression capability all systems can reduce their storage and network bandwidth requirement by around 90%.

iOmniscient designs its use cases such that the ROI is very tangible and the overall cost of the system is usually below that of a recording system.


About iOmniscient:

iOmniscient provides AI based Multi-Sensor Analytics involving video, sound and smell to better replicate human reasoning. These technologies are proven and have been implemented by commercial and government users in almost 70 countries.

iOmniscient specializes in addressing complex, extremely crowded and realistic environments – doing things that others cannot do. It offers applications for over 300 use cases for smart cities, smart roads, smart buildings, smart construction, predictive maintenance and 30+ industries.

iOmniscient does MORE with LESS and it can be less expensive to implement an iOmniscient intelligent system than one without intelligence.

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