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iOmni Newsletter – Jul 2021

Introducing the world’s first Access Control system that does not require a database

All traditional Access Control systems require a database of persons who have been granted access to a facility. And even with the highest levels of security, databases can be hacked and the privacy of persons whose information is stored in them…

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Managing Customs on the Saudi Arabian / Jordan border

Saudi Arabia shares a land border with Jordan. This border is managed on the Saudi side using advanced Artificial Intelligence based video analytics technology from…

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Vaccination Certificates for Large Enterprises

How can a major airline ensure that all their passengers have been appropriately vaccinated? Does the staff member at the gate have to personally validate each passengers certificate? How can a major stadium or entertainment venue ensure that every person entering has been vaccinated?

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Intel Best Partner Award 2021

Intel has just announced that iOmniscient is its Best Partner in APJ during 2020. If we were presenting Partner Awards Intel would be contending for the top position on our list. The two companies have a multifaceted partnership. How did such a symbiotic relationship come about?

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