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IQ-VaxCert: International Vaccination Certificate

An artificial intelligence (AI) based video analytics solution by iOmniscient that uses contactless access control to ease travel restriction globally during the COVID19 pandemic. As vaccinations start getting rolled out then next challenge for authorities is how to authenticate if a person has been vaccinated. This will be very important as international travel begin to open up. However, it can also be important for domestic organizations. Football stadiums and restaurants may want to know if people entering their facilities have been vaccinated to ensure the safety of all their other customers…


IQ-Anti-Contagion: Helping Indonesia Airforce Hospital Staying Covid-Safe

The Indonesian Air Force has been a long-term customer of iOmniscient having implemented its systems for managing their security. The relationship has now been extended to keeping their people safe during the pandemic using iOmniscient’s iQ-Anti Contagion system which includes its Fever Detection system by which leverages on iOmniscient’s advanced Artifical Intelligence (AI) based video analytics to perform automated fever tracking. The Dr. Esnawan Antariksa…

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