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Multilingual License Plate Recognition

Face Recognition in a Crowd

Specialized Solutions

Anti-contagion Suite

Helps Paramedics

According to the WHO-China Joint Task Force, for 88% of people infected with COVID-19, the first symptom is a fever. In fact the only visible symptom for determining if some persons at a distance in a large group are suffering ... Read More

Contain Covid19

iQ-FeverCheck is part of iOmniscient’s AI-based multi-sensory analytics capabilities for Smart Cities. It can be useful in airports, stadiums, railway stations and other public spaces as well as in Hospitals, nursing homes and health care ... Read More

Preventing Suicide

Corrective Services teams around the world have to ensure that prisoners in their charge are safe and do not self-harm. This was brought to front of mind with the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein in a New York prison where no one realized ... Read More

International Standards for Video Analytics

Video Analytics is a new field and hence it is difficult for a user to understand the difference between products from different suppliers. For instance, hundreds of suppliers may claim ... Read More

Why Video Analytics Projects Fail

A large proportion of Video Analytics Projects fail usually resulting in finger pointing by everyone involved. In our experience a majority of project failures result from two main issues. 1. The ... Read More

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